5 things that motivate people to join the betting world

10cricThis is the story of a little boy who was just really, REALLY into literally all kinds of sports. Let’s call him Mr. Poker Face. It was long ago that Poker Face found out about betting but didn’t seem to care much and was oblivious to the fact that he’d himself be so into it in the times to come; until now. He recently found his friends punting their way through matches and all of the conversations seemed so intriguing and the activity looked so rewarding that he planned to join in himself. And oh boy, once he started—there was no stopping him.

Umm, are any of you thinking what we are thinking? ‘Was that story over?’

Well, yes. But this is one story where you have got to read between the lines and if you aren’t able to discern what exactly to infer from this, allow us to break it down for you.

Betting is a burgeoning pursuit amongst the youngsters and we just can’t stop obsessing over it.  But why are youngsters like Mr. Poker Face drawn towards this as much? What exactly are the motivating factors that lead them to join the betting world? Here we bring to you the reasons and psychology behind it. Keep reading to know why!

  • In Rome, do as the Romans do

Well, let’s just say—bettors have friends who bet.

Some of these people might get into it just for the sake of avoiding the predicaments and moments of deafening silence when their peers who bet expect them to contribute to random betting conversations and they actually don’t know a thing. While other people see their peers doing it and genuinely find it intriguing and fun. Either way if you have friends who bet and if this is how you got introduced to the wager world, there isn’t going back.

It’s all about the money

“One day, I will not have to think twice about the price”

Can we all unanimously agree on the fact that we all love money? Money is a great motivator and can also turn into an addiction. Once people start making money out of anything, there should be a good reason why they wouldn’t want to go for more and more.

You must all know that friend who hates his job and keeps venting to you about how he wanted to be a photographer or a DJ instead but drags himself to his office regularly and just doesn’t resign? We really hope you know why. It is one word, five letters—MONEY! (Also, who are we kidding? There’s a 70% chance that this “friend” is you)

And when that same friend gets an opportunity to earn money playing games or watching games at home, why wouldn’t they grab it?


  • Enhances the thrill behind watching the game

If you’re betting on any sports you like, there is a fair chance that you might end up intensifying your overall watching the game play experience. It is anyway normal for most people to be excited about watching a match of the game they like, be it cricket, visit for info, football, basketball, baseball or literally any other game. For example, there is so much craze about football amongst fans that even when they are miles apart sitting at another corner of the world, they still put on their jersey and cheer and chant their heart out!

Now just imagine the scenario of that experience when their money is on it. So, it’s safe to say that it’s more thrilling.


  • Betting—The New Conversation Starter

Whether it’s you trying to brag about the money or times you’ve won in bets, or if it’s simply discussing your favorite handicap strategy, betting fosters conversations. And if two people ever have that in common, there will never be an awkward silence amongst them. When you’re all caught up with the latest news and every other topic, betting will act as your messiah!


  • Perks of Virtuality!

With the onset of online betting, it has become even convenient for people to bet anywhere and anytime. This has surely increased the access of betting to a lot of people since it was only limited to the people in casinos before. There is a plethora of perks of betting online, some of which are:

o   You can choose your surroundings

o   More money through bonuses (online betting sites have lucrative offers for you when you join)

o   Better range of markets and higher odds

o   Play whenever you want, wherever you want.

o   Totally safe!


So, that’s about it. Those are pretty much the main reasons why people get motivated enough to join and never let go!

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