“Ether Zero” from Singapore?Speeds Up the DAPP Development by MPOS Algorithm

Media OutReach - 18 January 2019 - EtherZero
general intelligent contract platform is 100% compatible with Solidity
language. There is no service charge for developing DAPP, deploying intelligent
contract, and initiating transfer transaction; Masternode +POS consensus
algorithm mechanism enables TPS to be over three orders of magnitude and the
Masternode system can make EtherZero easily achieve the function of real-time
transfer; With a high degree of community autonomy, all Masternodes can
initiate community proposals, vote and participate in community construction.

MPoS consensus
algorithm. This consensus algorithm is characterized by the adoption of the
scheme of the Masternode, which replaces the EOS21 super node and lowers the
node entry threshold. As long as having 20,000 EtherZeros and a cloud server,
everyone can easily participate in the mining of the Masternode and have rights
to vote in the autonomous community.

MPOS is short for Masternode + POS. It has a
Masternode that can replace the 21 super nodes of EOS.

MPOS can approve or disapprove creating blocks
and record additional votes in the block. In the case of transaction validity,
it needs to reduce the difficulty in block generation and maintenance costs by
downloading and only checking the changes of the number of blocks.

In terms of security, MPOS system has the
advantage of increasing security because it cannot set off transactions and the
number of users will increase unless 51% of the entire network is controlled.

In addition, the Masternode facilitates the
operation of EtherOther, so that the same compensation can be obtained
according to the protocol. Etherzero issues 12 million coins a year, accounting
for 75% of the total, and about 9 million ETZs are rewarded.

After EtherZero was launched on mainnet on
August 3, 2018, as of January 17, 2019, the number of Masternode reached 628,
and the smart contract address was deposited into 12.5 million ETZ. In January,
the code was optimized and updated. At present, the block output can reach
1-1.5s. The mobile version EASYETZ 2.0 is newly released and embedded in the
DAPP application market, and the ecological layout will enter a new step; As
the first stop of EtherZero's global strategic blueprint in 2019, South Korea
is about to start a new chapter.

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