Horse Betting Tactics Explained? How to Make Most of Your Bets

As a child, many of us dreamed of owning a horse and riding it like the wind. As we grew up, we saw in the movies that horses aren’t just used for moving around and pulling carriages, they are bred, taken well care of, and put into races for massive bets.

Horse racing is one of the most popular sports betting and pastimes in the world. Even the people who do not place any bets like to go and enjoy the sight of people cheering and the horses racing on with each other. You might have heard the famous story of the farmer who had a horse and a goat, unlike that story, horses that race are specially bred and have high immunity and power, if the horses get severely sick, they have to leave the racing world.

The most exciting fact about horse racing is that betting on horses is not illegal in India, according to the supreme court, as this sport depends purely on the physical abilities of the animal and not on luck unlike casinos, this game and betting on it is considered legal. While this game is not as popular as it is in other places like Japan or the UK, it is becoming popular among the citizens and as an activity to spend their leisure time and a sport to provide them with thrill and enjoyment. If you want to make the most out of horse racing and win the maximum number of times, here are some tips and strategies for you,

Know the Horse You are Betting on

It is essential to get every detail of the horse you are going to bet on, checking the details of how the horse is being trained, how many races have they been in. be sure not to take an inexperienced horse nor one who is too old. Getting to know the past race history of the horse is crucial too. You do not want to bet on a horse that has not won many races in its history. Get to know some interesting facts on horses that may amaze you and even prove useful to your betting chances. The more you research the more are your chances of winning.

Observe Before You Start Betting

Before you get all excited and place all your money on a horse, you should sit and watch the game a few times, this helps you in the long run and increases your chances at winning. You can also do the homework and watch the listings as they go out and learn a bit more about the working of the game. It is better to go through and compare all the odds and you can always check out more odds and info at Websites like these provide the different odds of winning with different horses and all kinds of info about the events.


The Beaten Favorite Strategy

Experts know that even the best horses can lose no matter how many times they’ve won, using this at your own advantage, you can check out previous match histories and look out for a champion horse that has lost a few matches recently. The winning chances of that horse will be the highest but not many will bet on it due to its losses in the last match. This will not only ensure your greater odds at winning but also allow you to win large sums of money with ratio to your wager.

The Dutching System

This is the most successful horse betting strategy, but this also requires considerable skill in math. If you are not good at it then do not take your chances and skip this method.

The Dutching system starts by finding a race with the number of running horses, suitably more than 10. After that you have a lot of calculation to do which might seem very daunting but is very easy to grasp once you understand it.

Know What to Choose and Expect

It might seem more appealing to just choose the favorite horse and expect to win, but it’s not. You should know when to bet on a winning or a losing horse. The biggest punts in the history of horse racing have been made wisely and with a calm and reasonable mind.

In a race of 10 horses, you have 90% chances of picking up a losing horse and 10% of a winning one. If you bet on which horse is going to lose then you have a very high probability of winning.

Horse race betting is a long-term play and requires research and a calm mind, place your bets wisely.

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