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Nexon Computer Museum Opens New Exhibition ‘NEpository ?eta’ to Archive Nexon’s Unreleased Game

Exhibition of Unfinished Games and Development Processes for Creating Fun

Highlighting Nexon’s Research, Investments and Developers’ Endeavors in Creating New Fun

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#ArchivingOnlineGames--Nexon Computer Museum opened its doors with a new exhibition of Nexon’s unreleased games: ‘NEpository ?eta’ on April 1.

With this new exhibition, Nexon Computer Museum archives unreleased games that were dropped before launch as well as their development process. Especially this exhibition is globally unprecedented, and it aims to archive and highlight the endeavors of developers and their various attempts at creating a new game.

‘NEpository’, a combination of ‘Nexon’ and ‘Repository’, serves as a title for this exhibition as well as the Nexon archiving project which will continue hereafter. Since its opening in 2013, the museum has been working on archiving online games’ historical value and the exhibition takes a part of the long-lasting research.

NEpository ?eta covers seven different games, including well-known projects like Peria Chronicles and Dragon Hound, as well as projects that have never been revealed.

The exhibition allows visitors to experience the process of game development through various artwork, documents and test videos, as well as the opportunity to play a test build.

“Nexon’s development teams are encouraged to explore new ideas to enhance the fun of games,” said Yunah Choi, director of the Nexon Computer Museum. “This exhibition reflects our belief that every failure offers valuable lessons and that unreleased games provide insights on the creative process.”

For more details: https://nexoncomputermuseum.org/english/?mcode=1101

About Nexon Computer Museum http://www.nexoncomputermuseum.org/english/

Nexon Computer Museum, the first computer museum in Asia, was established in Jeju in July 2013 as a place of gathering and archiving the history of computers and games. The Museum’s collection of 7,000 computer and game related items includes the original ‘Apple I’. For the first time, Nexon Computer Museum successfully restored the early version of The Kingdom of the Winds, which is developed by Nexon (TOKYO: 3659) in 1996 and still the longest serviced commercial graphic MMORPG in the world. Also, the museum presented ‘Game a game /invite you_’ exhibition which highlighted 25 years of Korea’s online game history in 2019. In addition, it serves as a social educational institution running various programs for all ages, from children to professionals.


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