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2023 World Baseball Classic Begins, Taiwan Excellence Supports

TAIPEI CITY, Taiwan--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The World Baseball Classic (WBC) is returning to Taiwan, after a ten-year hiatus, for the qualifying rounds. The tournament will feature teams from Taiwan, the Netherlands, Cuba, Italy, and Panama, who will showcase their skills starting on March 8th. As the host country for the A-group preliminaries, Taiwan extends a warm welcome to the players through enthusiastic fans, fascinating cuisine, and the opportunity to experience the latest Taiwan Excellence awarded technology and lifestyle products.

The WBC was postponed for two years due to the impact of COVID-19. With hygiene and safety being top priorities, Major League Baseball (MLB) has adopted stringent standards for the event. The Taiwanese organizers have prepared the world's first indoor wireless rapid antibacterial machine, the AQUECARE T1 Plus sanitizer. This innovative solution has received the Taiwan Excellence Award and will play a vital role in maintaining environmental hygiene throughout the tournament.

Because long-haul flights can cause fatigue among players, posing them a significant challenge, the organizers have provided the world's first AURAI intelligent eye massager in order to facilitate more rapid recovery. This device helps to alleviate eye fatigue, improves sleep quality, and will recharge energy levels for the players. They will also be able to use AROMASE all-in-one purifying gel which contains three different types of herbal extracts. This gel is effective in purifying the body and mind after each training session and competition. Furthermore, we prioritize environmental sustainability, and have prepared O’right toothpaste, a revolutionary toothpaste made from sustainable tree powder as a grinding agent. This toothpaste is certified by USDA Biobased.

Taiwan is well-known as a technology island, and its consumer electronics and ICT products have gained recognition from consumers worldwide. So, the organizers are providing the players with another Taiwan Excellence awarded product, the PX 4K HDR Wireless Presentation Receiver. This product supports 4K HDR wireless transmission and provides a convenient 4K wireless projection function from mobile phones and laptops to televisions, enabling players to relax and enjoy different forms of entertainment when away from the intensity of competition.

As a souvenir for players from around the world, the Qubii auto-backup device has been chosen. This is a hand-sized device that automatically backs up photos, videos, contacts, and other content while your phone is charging. This device allows players to easily back up precious game data and memories when they run out of phone storage.

Taiwan is making every effort to provide a comfortable and safe environment with the very best professional equipment, in the hopes that the teams will enjoy their stay in Taiwan and maximize their performance in the WBC. Taiwan Excellence, a globally recognized symbol of product quality and innovative design, plays an important role in this commitment. Taiwan Excellence will continue to discover and introduce more high-quality Taiwanese products, featuring innovative breakthroughs to the world, enriching the lives of people everywhere.

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