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23-Year-Old Girl Achieves GUINNESS WORLD RECORD� Title, Changing the History of Beverage Shop ZAIN�TEA

SHANGHAI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--On July 17, ZAIN TEA, a beverage shop in Shanghai, achieved a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD™ Title by selling 10,942 cups of cheese tea (excluding milk tea and take-away sales) in 12 hours, and held a big gala at the Century Square in Nanjing Road.

Here are the statistics of raw materials consumed on July 17.

Sold 10,942 cups of cheese tea in 12 hours, namely 3.9 seconds per cup in average.

Consumed 3,618kg of fruits, 1,067kg of Anchor cheese, and 123kg of tea leaves.

Received 4,509 orders, adding up to a total length of 766 meters.

According to source familiar with the industry, ZAIN TEA’s new sales record led Heytea’s top record by 6,000 cups, setting a new world record of beverage sales by a Chinese brand. The person who made the miracle is a 23-year-old girl, Li Shuxuan, founder of ZAIN TEA. In early 2019, Li developed an intelligent tea abstracting system, which reduced the labor cost of single beverage shop from 30% to 8 -10%. Li’s invention has been favored by investors and is now filing for national patent certification.

At the opening of its Shanghai shop, ZAIN TEA had differences with its investors regarding the selection of sites and pricing, which caused the withdrawal of investment and split of the team. Li Shuxuan said: “I felt anxious. What I could do is to hand out leaflets with my team. Luckily, in just one month, ZAIN TEA’s sales volume had increased from dozens of cups to 3,200 cups on New Year's Day, thanks to its fine quality and reasonable price.”

The raging epidemic at early caused a huge challenge to this new brand and its young founder. Fortunately, as the epidemic is under control, ZAIN TEA witnessed a big bump in its daily sales. At the end of June, its average daily sales hit over 5,000 cups, it helped to regain the trust of the original investors and received new round of capital investment, moreover, to become an essential reason for ZAIN TEA to achieve the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD™ Title.

Li emphasized: “the keys to gain success at catering business are the quality, price and word of mouth. These would definitely help us to earn the support from customers or even make history”



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