Whatch out !!! Thrilling Fireworks From Beginning

Kuttiyankavu Bhagavathy Temple, a temple which is located in Minalur (Athani,Mulankunnathukavu) in Thrissur District. Amazing Fire works starts in day time.

Brilliant fireworks are the masterpieces of Kerala festivals.
Every temple or church festival in Kerala is accompanied by a grand firework display which might last for many hours.

From loud dynamites to dazzling laser light shows that lights up the sky, you get to see an array of stunning displays during these temple festivals. You can rest assured of a visual feast and a hassle free experience in these venues as the strictest safety standards are adhered to while conducting these light and sound shows. Very high-decibel crackers are increasingly being replaced by colourful fireworks that are more attractive and less dangerous.

While in Kerala, you cannot afford to miss out this exciting experience that would linger in your minds all your life.

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