5 Types of Jewelry for College Students

College is an interesting place to be. You have just graduated from school and you can finally opt to have a makeover which most schools do not allow, given the dress code. You can either have your favorite pixie hairstyle or wear the sleekest of jewelry. You could either by them for a shop or an online website. Either way, there are way too many options on what you should buy, how to style the jewelry. Catering to the needs of every college student who love buying pieces of jewelry that are pocket-friendly, a guide often comes handy in such a predicament.

Here are 5 types of jewelry every college student shall like:

  1. Pendants: All college students love wearing simple yet exquisite jewelry that they can use for day to day wear. A simple pendant is often the best option to choose from the various options in such a case. With classes for college at early hours and late study night routines, heavy jewelry is not a viable option. Minimalistic styles and trends are in fashion. Any basic outfit could be upgraded by choosing these minimalist neckpieces and pendants, anytime. They are also very pocket-friendly if you are someone who thinks of budget restraint.
  2. Rings: Having rings on your fingers not only make your fingers look beautiful but also make your outfit look dashing. Simple tone gold rings and silver rings are a perfect example of minimalistic beauty and also accentuates your wardrobe. As a college student, fests are a thing of the present. With fests, one is required to wear either ethnic or formals and rings go with both of them. They are eye-catching and also help upgrade your sense of style. Along with rings, nose rings are also very fashionable. One could look for them online by searching for nose stud designs.
  3. Earrings: For college students, earrings can be played with from daring to really simple ones. Most college students do not have time for heavy jewelry. Therefore, they can simply put on an earring of their choice, whether heavy, bold or light and simple, it all suits really well with any outlook they prefer to choose. For cheap to expensive ranges of earrings Melorra jewelry is the best option available.
  4. Necklace: On a day of an internship or interview it is necessary you make the first impression right and what could be a better way than a drop-dead gorgeous necklace with details and gemstones. It is both dainty, quaint and ‘out there’. It should scream your personality and make a great first impression. Also, college fests are a lovely place to flaunt these necklaces.
  5. A jeweled belt: We all have that loose T-shirt dress we do not wear because there is no right way to accessorize it. To solve this problem, a jeweled belt can always help you style it on your waist even though it is a loose and plain dress you wish to wear. They are funky and trendy both at the same time.

Choosing the right jewelry can be really hard for someone who has just entered their college life, but with these tips on what jewelry to buy, it can guide you and make a place for you in your college as the best dressed.

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