5 Ways To Create Great Content That Will Benefit Your SEO

Millions of content are posted daily on the internet with a lot of them competing for attention from search engines. Website owners are optimizing their content every time to improve their search engine rankings and remain relevant. This is because highly-ranked content drives traffic and leads.

The best way to improve your SEO performance is by creating great content. A large percentage of your SEO efforts should be directed towards providing high quality and original content. Without great content, you will never have much success with SEO. This article will show you ways to create great content that will improve your search engine performance.

Cover All Essential Topics Within Your Niche

If you write an article that meets the search intent and you have authority, that article will rank for several related keywords to that topic. For example, writing a topic about “casino games” will help you rank for keywords like “best casino games, “online casino games” etc. So, every topic you create will eventually generate traffic and lead to conversion. If done right.

Writing articles that cover all essential topics within your niche will help you maximize your potential to drive traffic from search engines.

A great example of sites that focuses heavily on SEO and performs well is online casinos. Take a look at this online casino portal, it has covered almost all essential topics and clearly covers search intent for each. It covers reviews, games, and general guides for basically everything that has to do with online casinos.

A casino site is expected to cover all topics on casinos. Similarly, a baking recipe site should cover all topics relating to baking. But never go beyond your niche or you’ll risk losing your authority.

Focus On Topic And Not Keyword

It is common to hear “keywords” and “keyword research” when discussing SEO. Keywords are definitely important but focusing on topics will yield better results. So, is there a difference between keywords and topics? Yes.

Keywords tend to focus more on search phrases and individual searches while topics focus  on everything relating to a specific subject.

If you direct your focus on topics instead of keywords, you will create better and more relevant content and will end up ranking well for the keywords.

Focus On Search Intent

Google over the years keeps designing its algorithm to promote content and results that meet users’ needs. They aim to help the user achieve the purpose for the search.

Search intent is simply what the user wants to achieve by performing the query. Users could make searches to take action such as making a purchase or booking a service. It could also be to compare items or to get general information about a subject. They could also need to get directions on how to get to a specific location or how to perform a task.

Understanding the search intent will help you develop content that will provide these answers for searchers. This way, you can increase authority and trust in your website.

Write For User And Not Google

In developing great content for your website, you need to remember that the content will be consumed by users and not the search engine. Therefore, the users should be first on your mind and not Google.

What kind of content do users like? Well, it really depends on the user intent. If people for example search for “does meta description affect SEO” then they most likely want strong opinions backed with evidence and original data. Hence, you need to do your research properly, collect data and perform experiments. It makes the reader believe that the author knows what he’s writing or talking about. They could end up sharing your content or inviting their friends to read.

Keep The Writing Simple And Direct

It is always important to keep your content simple and direct. Make your articles always readable. Every single element on the page should make them want to read more.

Don’t write without direction or focus. Start with writing a good title for your post. Make your title engaging and set the right expectation for your audience. Your post title could determine whether or not you’ll get people to read the article. However, you need to make sure the content of the article is not different from its title.

Focus on the topic in your writing and deal extensively with it. Make every word count and make it simple enough for readers to understand what you have written.

Tech blogs, for example, often do a good job when it comes to keeping the writing simple. Check this tech blog. Each article keeps every paragraphs short, the language is simple (anyone could understand it) and text is often separated with images and titles. It’s simply easy for your eyes. Writing you content like this will increase visitors time on page and improve your SEO.

Ignore Old SEO rules (Content Length And Keyword Density)

A lot of website owners focus on creating long content and end up losing the quality of the content. This could be because they still believe content length helps in making a page rank high. On the contrary, Google recently announced that word count is not a ranking factor.

Short content has the potential to rank just as well as long content. Some queries only require short and quick answers, a long article could discourage the reader. All Google requires is for the content to satisfy the search query.

Also, any content writers stuff content with keywords to increase rankings and end up being penalized by Google. The relevancy of the article to the query is considered more important than how many times the keywords appear in the article.

Therefore, place your focus on providing great quality content and covering topics in your niche. Always remember that great content provides useful information and satisfies users’ queries.

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