7 Great Ways to Enjoy a Sunset in Florida Keys

Are you planning a trip to the Florida keys soon? Or are you already on vacation, wondering where to catch an amazing sunset in the Florida Keys?

There's no single answer for you. There are many ways to experience a magical sunset in this beautiful region of the country.

In fact, the Florida Keys are consistently ranked one of the best places to view a sunset in the whole nation. But as you explore the islands that make up this beautiful part of Florida, you are probably wondering what the absolute best way to experience it is.

Keep reading to learn about seven different ways to enjoy the dramatic sunsets the bless the Florida Keys on a daily basis.

  1. On a Party Boat

Looking to get as close to the sunset as possible? The best place to see a sunset in the Florida Keys may be from a boat. 

And not just any boat, but you can charter a party boat so that you can truly enjoy time together with friends or family. Party boats let you bring on drinks and food, making a sunset cruise a full-blown occasion. 

And if you want them to, they can even stop at seaside bars and restaurants along the coast of Key West to keep the party going after the sun has dipped below the surface.

  1. From a Kayak

Looking for a quieter, more serene sunset experience. Renting a kayak and paddling out away from the hustle and bustle of the shoreline makes for an almost spiritual experience.

It's just you, the ocean, and the sunset. Enjoy the peace and quiet while taking in the sunset in solitude, or paddle out with friends. You can even paddle to some of the smaller, uninhabited islands for a unique experience as well.

  1. In the Sky

Sunsets take place in the sky. It makes sense, then, that the best views of the sunset would also be from the sky.

Getting airborne during the sunset has never been easier. By hopping in a helicopter operated by Ultimate Helitours, you and your loved ones can enjoy a truly one-of-a-kind experience together. 

Not only will you be in the best place to watch the sunset in the Florida Keys, but you will also get breathtaking views of the ocean, the coral reefs that live just below the surface of the water, and the beautiful islands that make up this archipelago. 

And the best part is, these helicopter tours are more affordable than you may realize. Don't sleep on the opportunity to catch the most memorable sunset of your life.

  1. On a Secluded Beach

Looking to catch the best sunset in the Florida Keys? Finding a secluded beach may be difficult in this popular region, but it isn't impossible. Everyone loves watching the sunset from the beach, but it's always better when you are the only one on a beautiful beach.

To find a secluded beach, you have to be willing to work for it. Of course, if you have a boat, that's the easiest. If not, you can visit islands that have hiking trails that take you to beaches away from hotels and homes.

Or you can paddle to uninhabited islands for the best chance of getting away from the crowds. If you truly want to find a secluded beach for the sunset, the opportunity is available. 

  1. At a Seaside Restaurant

Sunsets in Florida Keys restaurants are hard to beat. Restaurants and bars along the west coast of islands like Key West can give you uninterrupted views of the sunset while eating amazing seafood. 

But because a seaside table can be in demand during dusk, you may want to reserve a table in advance. Look up when the sun sets in the Keys during your visit, and make a reservation for about 30 to 45 minutes prior in order to be seated during the entire sunset. 

  1. From your Campsite

The Florida Keys offers some of the best campgrounds in the country. Who wouldn't want to pitch their tent or park their RV right next to the ocean?

You can camp near the water's edge at places like Long Key State Park, Bahia Honda State Park, John Pennekamp State Park, or few other private campgrounds that dot the islands.

Nothing beats sitting next to a campfire, watching the sunset over the ocean. Or you can sit atop your RV or lay in your hammock.

If watching the sunset is a big priority, make sure to reserve campsites on the west side of campgrounds, where views are more likely to be unhindered. Most campgrounds give you the option to choose your individual campsite.

  1. While Riding Your Bike

Every cyclist dreams of riding off into the sunset. That dream can become a reality in the Florida Keys.

The islands are very popular among cyclists. The Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail stretches from one end of the Keys to the other. If you love long-distance cycling, you can bike the entire 90 miles from the eastern point of Key Largo, down to the western end of Key West.

If you time your ride just right, you can catch the sunset as you are nearing the final miles of your ride in Key West.

Of course, you don't have to complete the entire trail to catch the sunset. You can bike smaller sections. Or you can just bike up onto one of the nearby bridges that connect the islands together for a unique view of the sunset. 

Seven Mile Bridge was one of the longest bridges around at the time it was originally built. Cars drive on the newer, more modern bridge while cyclists and pedestrians get to use the old bridge without worrying about traffic. 

Sunset In the Florida Keys: Incredible Options

If watching the sunset is one of your favorite things to do, you can do it differently each night of your vacation. From this list alone, you have seven different ways to experience the sunset in the Florida Keys. And there are plenty more Florida keys sunset opportunities for those willing to get creative.

Looking for more travel tips like this? Visit our blog today to keep reading. 

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