88 drugs and surgical and consumables are included in Jan Aushadhi Scheme

Jan Aushadhi SchemeWith a view to achieving the objective of making available quality medicines at affordable prices, the Government has been taking several regulatory and fiscal measures from time to time.   In order to provide further relief to the common man in the area of healthcare, a countrywide campaign for ensuring  availability of generic medicines at  affordable prices to all, in the name of “Jan Aushadhi”, was launched by the Department of Pharmaceuticals in November, 2008 in collaboration with the State Governments as a direct market intervention strategy.

Under the Jan Aushadhi Scheme, those Jan Aushadhi Stores proposed within Government hospital premises, a one-time financial assistance to the extent of Rs.2.50 Lakh (Rs.1 Lakh for furnishing, Rs.50000/- for computer and peripherals, Refrigerator etc. and another Rs.1 Lakh worth medicines to commence operations) is granted.  Besides, the Jan Aushadhi Stores run by private entrepreneurs/ pharmacists/Non-Governmental Organizations/charitable organizations that are linked with the Bureau of Pharma Public Sector Undertakings of India (BPPI), the implementing agency through internet will get an incentive upto Rs.1.50 lakh.  This will be given @ 10% of monthly sales subject to a ceiling of Rs.10,000/- per month upto a limit of Rs.1.5 lakhs.  In North-Eastern States, Naxal affected areas and tribal areas , the rate of incentive will be 15% and subject  to a monthly ceiling of Rs.15,000/- and total limit of Rs.1.5 lakhs.  The margin available for the Retailers is upto  20% and for Distributors upto 10% has also been increased so as to ensure a reasonable level of profitability for them.

Presently 88 drugs and surgical and consumables are included in Jan Aushadhi Scheme.   The available medicines (therapeutic category wise) available in the scheme at present are as under:

S. No Therapeutic category No. of Medicines
1. Anti-allergy 8
2. Anti-infective 127
3. Anti-cancer 10
4. Antidiabetic agents 25
5. Central Nervous System disease 25
6. Cardio Vascular Agents 66
7. Eye Nose throat product 2
8. Eye disease 4
9. Gastro Intestinal Tract disease 55
10. Harmon 3
11. Non Opoidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs 4
12. Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs 51
13. Nutrient 1
14. Respiratory disease 40
15. Skin disease 18
16. Vaccine 1
17. Vitamins & Minerals 28
18. Miscellaneous 20
  Total 488
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