A Couple from the United States Overcome Their Four Year Hurdle to Have Children by Choosing ARTbaby Surrogacy Centre Georgia

After 40 years a family with no children is blessed with twins, a boy and a girl, via surrogacy.

Tbilisi, Georgia, November 04, 2019 --( Four years back a couple, James and Aliah from the United States, detected female reproductive system issues. Dr. Nayna, a surrogacy expert, recommended them to opt for surrogacy. In a quest to get trustworthy support, the couple did extensive research to gain knowledge about surrogacy. The story of this childless couple depicts that the journey of surrogacy needs a great deal of patience on behalf of the intended parents to wait for their precious children to be born.

It all started when the family learned about their reproductive complications and did research about different surrogacy centers to avail of a trustworthy facility. The selection of the surrogacy service center was a big challenge. Initially, they selected a surrogacy center in Gujarat, India. But later, they came to know about surrogacy for foreigners in India.

Then the couple contacted ARTbaby surrogacy center in Tbilisi, Georgia to support their surrogacy journey; they found this center is trustworthy and provides professional guidance along with a proper infrastructure. Surrogacy law in Georgia has allowed heterosexual couples to have a baby through surrogacy. Both altruistic and commercial surrogacy arrangements get legal permission in this country.

Georgian legal law permits surrogacy through donated gametes. However, the Immigration and Nationality Act in the USA has allowed American citizenship to the children who born through assisted reproductive techniques when either of the intended parents has genetic links with the born children. In this case, the American intended father used his sperm and has a genetic link with his born children, which support US citizenship for his child.

In November 2018, the intended parents started their surrogacy journey with their selected surrogate and well trained and efficient staff. After waiting for almost ten months, the couple got blessed with twins, a boy and a girl. This is a joyous moment for the whole family.

The intended mother was unable to present at the time of the birth due to visa issues. But ultimately she reached Georgia and completed the family picture. The intended parents agree the happy ending in this story is only possible due to the complete support system that was provided by the center in, Tbilisi, Georgia.

ARTbaby Surrogacy Center is the ultimate destination for childless couples who need to treat their fertility issues through assisted reproductive technologies. Their arrangement is globally acclaimed since 2011.

ARTbaby Surrogacy Center Georgia reached pick in its success not only due to the availability of all the required standard medical facilities under one roof but due to proving psychological strength, encouragements and hassle-free legal arrangements for their clients.

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