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A Remarkable Place Produces Outstanding People: The Influence of Guang’an on Deng Xiaoping

GUANG’AN, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Guang’an, a peaceful and beautiful city in the east of China’s Sichuan Province, not only boasts Mount Huaying, the mountain best known for its Hongyan Spirit and revolutionary stories, but also is home to Deng Xiaoping, one of China’s greatest men. Deng Xiaoping was born in Guang’an in 1904 and lived there until he was 15 years old. He then left his hometown to study in France, Russia, and other countries, and gradually grew into a great man who had a significant influence on China and the world. What kind of cultural environment of Guang’an influenced Deng Xiaoping in his youth? How did the Mountain Huaying transform from a red guerrilla base into a tourist destination? All of these attract tourists from home and abroad to find out.

Located in Xiexing Town, which is 7 kilometers away from downtown, Deng Xiaoping's Hometown Scenic Spot usually is the first stop for tourists. Several historical buildings that have been preserved display the learning and growth experiences of Deng Xiaoping in his youth. It's hard to know whether this relatively open new education in the early years had a certain impact on the formation of Deng Xiaoping's thoughts. It is worth mentioning that Siyuan Amphitheatre in Guang' an downtown area echoes with the Deng Xiaoping Square in the center of Montargis in France, becoming the only two city squares in the world used to commemorate the great man.

In Guang’an, there is also a famous mountain named Mountain Huaying, stone forest, rift valley, red ruins, and other scenic spots are scattered in the lush forest environment. The central peak Bao Ding boasts charming sight, often appears the marvelous view of the sea of clouds. Tianyi Valley is famous for its wonders of Karst fractures. The natural scenery and the cultural landscape add radiance and beauty to each other, showing the charming of Guang' an. The magnificent mountains and green water probably is the reason that produces such great men.

Recommended Tour Route:

Day1: Guang’an downtown-Deng Xiaoping’s Hometown Scenic Spot-Huaying Mountain Tourist Area

Day2: Huaying Mountain Tourist Area-Huaying Mountain Bao Ding Attraction-Huaying Mountain Tianyi Valley


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