A Tastiest Job Ever – Chocolate Taster

123For this Job You need to love Chocolates.

As perfect jobs go, being a professional chocolate taster is hard to beat.

Eating chocolate for a living may seem like the sweetest way to earn a paycheck.

But one professional chocolate taster told that it's not always sugar and spice.

A chocolate Taster says "First I smell the chocolate and log its aroma. I also listen: If chocolate doesna??t sound crisp when broken, it may be a sign it�??s old or was improperly stored. Then I place a one-inch cube in my mouth and leave it there for a few seconds. I press it against my palate and let it melt, recording the four basic tastes�??sweet, sour, bitter, and salty.


Qualities �Chocolates

Quality chocolate is 50 per cent great cocoa beans, and 50 per cent what you do with them. Rubbish beans make rubbish chocolate, but great beans in the wrong hands are also a disaster. Making chocolate is a science but it�s also a very organic and creative process. You have to take your time, taste, think, make, re-taste and make again.

When it comes to choosing the beans, you want the best varieties, cultivated and grown by expert farmers and carefully processed and dried. Like most ingredients it�s about using the best you can afford. After that it�s what you love and get excited about.

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