AAX, the Next Generation Cryptocurrency Exchange, Raises the Bar for Trust, Integrity, Security and Performance

  • AAX's next-generation
    cryptocurrency exchange gives retail and institutional investors access to
    institutional-grade trading performance with LSEG Technology's Millennium
    Exchange™ matching engine
  • High-speed, secure and reliable
    platform for OTC, spot and derivatives trading of cryptocurrencies provides
    seamless retail and institutional investor onboarding in critical step to
    institutionalizing the digital asset class

HONG KONG , CHINA - Media OutReach - 7 November 2019 - AAX,
the world's first
cryptocurrency exchange powered by LSEG Technology, has launched today and is
offering investors greater levels of trust, integrity, security and performance
when trading in cryptocurrency OTC, spot and derivatives products.


The AAX platform lists more than 50
crypto-to-crypto trading pairs, as well as five perpetual futures trading
contracts offering up to 100x leverage for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS,
and XRP contracts. For cash investors, AAX also provides an OTC platform, which
first time cryptocurrency investors or investors looking to increase their
exposure to cryptocurrency assets can convert from US dollar, Renminbi and Hong
Kong dollars.


AAX, which will be open for
trading 24 hours a day and seven days a week, will use the LSEG Technology's
Millennium Exchange matching engine to power the backbone of the exchange. LSEG
Technology is London Stock Exchange Group's (LSEG) technology solutions
business used across LSEG and other global client trading venues. The matching
engine is capable of handling up to hundreds of thousands of transactions per
second at an average latency of under 500 microseconds, delivering investors,
performance levels on a par with traditional financial markets. As part of the
AAX deployment, it will be the first time that the matching engine has been
used in a 24-hour trading environment and deployed onto a cloud computing


AAX combines speed, security,
reliability with seamless market access for retail and institutional investors.
With operations in the heart of Asia, currently the world's largest and most
active cryptocurrency trading region, AAX is the first institutional grade
crypto trading platform from the region. Retail investors will have access to
an integrated account to view their OTC, Spot and Futures positions, while
Institutional Investors will be able to connect directly with the exchange
using FIX and Binary interface protocols. In future,
AAX plans to offer a range of tokenised assets including securities
tokens, asset-backed tokens and stablecoins.


"AAX is setting the standard for the next
generation of cryptocurrency exchanges, offering much higher levels of trust,
integrity, performance and security than has previously been available to
retail and institutional investors," said Thor Chan, CEO and co-founder of AAX.
"The combination of LSEG Technology's matching engine with the highest
standards in compliance and security protocols, position AAX as the only
institutional-grade exchange in Asia serving the world's most active and
fastest growing crypto-currency markets."


"LSEG Technology is delighted to have
successfully deployed our world class matching engine capabilities at AAX. This
is the first time that Millennium Exchange has been deployed in the cloud,
bringing its, scalability, flexibility, reliability and seamless direct market
access to AAX," said Ann
Neidenbach, CIO, LSEG Technology.

AAX is built from the ground-up with
world-class technology platforms.


  • AAX's
    deployment of LSEG Technology's matching engine is
    capable of processing large volume orders with latencies as low as 90
    microseconds with an average latency of under 500
    microseconds, at a rate of hundreds of thousands of transactions per
  • Simple and fast onboarding with direct market access to LSEG
    matching engine for institutions via FIX and binary
  • Highly secure and scalable core systems with world-class global
    cloud infrastructure and partnership with Kroll for best-in-class security
    frameworks and tools
  • Industry-leading KYC/AML procedures and market monitoring
    capabilities from data and
    information provider Refinitiv and blockchain analytics provider Elliptic


AAX is built for the rapidly changing
future of regulatory-compliant digital asset markets.


"We are at a unique point in time where
both retail and increasingly institutional investors are directly interacting
in a dynamic cryptocurrency landscape," said Chan at AAX. "This requires both
an institutional-grade trading platform but also a level of flexibility to
innovate to meet changing regulatory needs and fast-moving market needs."

About AAX

AAX is part of
Atom International Technology Limited, a specialist in decentralized blockchain
solutions using leading-edge digital technology. AAX is the world's first
digital asset exchange to be powered by LSEG Technology. Offering OTC, spot,
and futures trading, it provides highly secure, deeply liquid and ultra-low
latency trading across a wide range of cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

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