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Actiphy Unveils Rapid Deploy: Revolutionizing System Deployment for Businesses

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#ActiphyInc--In an exciting development for system integrators, value-add resellers, and original equipment manufacturers, Actiphy has announced the launch of Rapid Deploy, a groundbreaking product designed to significantly streamline the process of deploying pre-configured operating system images with preinstalled applications across multiple client PCs simultaneously. This innovative solution caters to businesses' urgent needs for efficient, large-scale system deployments through LAN, VPN, or manually via USB drives.

Rapid Deploy comprises two key components: the Deploy Media Creator and the ImageCast Server. The Deploy Media Creator, evolving from the former ActiveImage Deploy USB, creates a bootable image of a pre-configured source PC and can be deployed to new PCs directly from a USB drive. Alternatively, using our ImageCast Server, the image can be broadcast over the network to numerous PCs simultaneously, marking a significant performance advancement in deployment technology.

Features and Advancements

Network Deployment of Images: With the introduction of the ImageCast Server, Rapid Deploy facilitates broadcasting an image through the network. This innovation liberates IT engineers from the burdensome and repetitive task of manually deploying images to multiple target PCs.

Fast Network-Based Deployment: Rapid Deploy leverages the proprietary TCP-SlideCast technology to ensure rapid, network-based image deployment. This technology significantly reduces the time required to deploy systems across any number of new PCs, addressing the common challenges of shared network bandwidth and inefficient data transfer rates during mass deployments.

Enhanced Deployment Efficiency: Our proprietary TCP-SlideCast technology, utilizing the Ethernet fabric, surpasses the speed of conventional host network ports. Peer-to-peer (P2P) communication facilitates direct transmit-and-receive interactions between client computers, augmenting deployment efficiency, reliability, and data communication productivity.

Actiphy's Rapid Deploy will transform businesses' approach to system deployment. It offers a scalable, efficient solution for deploying pre-configured operating systems and applications. This product is particularly beneficial in scenarios such as end-of-support system updates, mass hirings, office relocations, and the implementation of telework environments.

"With Rapid Deploy, we aim to redefine what businesses can expect regarding deployment efficiency and scalability," said Hiroshi Nomura, CTO at Actiphy. "This solution will empower organizations to manage their system deployment needs effectively by ensuring a ready-to-use environment for their operations."

Rapid Deploy is now available for administrators, system integrators, value-add resellers, and original equipment manufacturers looking to enhance their deployment capabilities. For more information about Rapid Deploy and its features, please visit https://actiphy.com.

About Actiphy

Actiphy is a leading publisher of backup, disaster recovery, and virtualization software solutions dedicated to helping businesses protect their data and optimize their IT infrastructure. Focusing on innovation and customer satisfaction, Actiphy develops solutions that address the complex challenges of today's IT environments.

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