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AI Spera to Showcase CTI Search Engine at Singapore Fintech Festival 2022

SINGAPORE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--AI Spera, the provider of AI-driven Cyber Threat Intelligence platform, is currently attending the Singapore Fintech Festival 2022, showcasing their newest and most advanced solutions to cybersecurity.

They are introducing the Cyber Threat Intelligence search engine, Criminal IP, with special highlights given to their Attack Management Solution, Criminal IP RMR. Attendants can learn more about AI Spera�s latest contributions to cybersecurity and earn some free goodies along the way by visiting their booth, located in booth 5C05, Hall 5, at the Korea Fintech Pavilion.

The two products being showcased, Criminal IP and Criminal IP RMR, are comprised of leading technologies in their respective fields. Criminal IP, the comprehensive Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) search engine, is a dedicated tool for identifying cyber threats. This service includes API functionality, which can be easily linked to existing security systems or operating services to protect financial transactions and detect abnormal users in real time by checking IP addresses without complicated log analyses. This search engine is currently on a free beta, which means that all search features, as well as API support, are available for free after registration on its website (https://www.criminalip.io/).

Criminal IP RMR, on the other hand, is an Attack Surface Management solution that boasts the ability to track down all related IT assets with a single IP address. Its easy-to-use dashboard as well as the lack of need for an installation process allows for 24/7 access with virtually no barriers whatsoever. This Attack Management Surface solution is currently available for free trial that feature identification skills of a company�s IT assets and its searching capabilities for risks like open ports and CVEs.

About AI Spera: AI Spera is a leading member in the Cyber Threat Intelligence field, with products based on AI and machine learning technology. As a provider of both Criminal IP and Criminal IP RMR, they aim towards defending against ever-increasing cyber threats through research and development, while supporting Whitehat hackers, corporate security teams, national cybersecurity agencies and cybercrime investigation organizations.


Company: AI Spera

Phone# 82 10 4862 8192

Name: Sun Park

Email: [email protected]

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