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AI Technology Uncovers the Real Winners of 2020 Beauty Awards

The Winners reveal 2020 Beauty Trends like �Mask-Friendly� and �Social Media� Makeup.

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#2020BeautyAwards--The People�s Beauty Taste Awards announced the winners for 20 categories, reflecting the biggest beauty trends in 2020 such as �mask-friendly,� �social media� and �natural self-care.�

The People�s Beauty Taste Awards is unlike any other awards in that the winners are selected by artificial intelligence throughout machine-learning crowd data from the reactions of beauty and cosmetic consumers around the internet.

Glamai, an AI beauty search & recommendation service which sets out to empower consumers to define their own version of beauty, announces the awards to provide data-driven transparency to the beauty industry. Glamai�s mission was made possible by utilizing machine-learning on a great number of reviews on beauty products, make-up related articles, and cosmetic trends published on the internet and social media within the United States.

The People�s Beauty Taste Awards is to expose a large number of consumers to publicly available beauty data created by the users themselves to mitigate potential bias commonly stated by beauty experts in the industry.

This new approach to beauty awards enabled an award selection to cater to the rising demand in 2020, considering rapidly changing social media trends under the current pandemic crisis. Glamai uses data to select winners for more than 70 awards out of 20 categories, with previously marginalized public reactions and detailed beauty tastes such as �the best eye products to look �awake� for Zoom video conferences,� �Moisturizers to prevent �maskne� for acne-prone skin,� and �Products approved by BOTH YouTubers and subscribers.�

The outcomes created by People�s Beauty Taste Awards can also be found in the form of 2020 US Beauty Taste Trend Report, providing further detailed insight into cosmetic brand rankings as well as popular beauty taste rankings for different skin types and age groups.

To make this possible, Glamai offers more than 6,100 beauty tastes in the form �AI KeyTalk,� a search unit created by learning industry trends and feedback from the public. AI KeyTalk serves to broaden and facilitate search experience for myriad of tastes and trends circulated in the beauty industry. The combination of beauty tastes can offer as many as 75 million personalized AI recommendations out of over 12,000 cosmetic products in partnership with Sephora, the world�s leading French retailer of beauty and personal care products.

Currently available in 20 countries, Glamai is stepping into the world to assist consumers to purchase products from discovering personal tastes of beauty that they previously did not know existed.

About Mycelebs

Mycelebs is an artificial intelligence company that provides business-ready transformational AI technology. Their solution, AI KeyTalk, is a context-aware search and exploration engine that offers tools to navigate through diverse preferences of the public, make recommendations that are aware of hidden intentions and sub-intentions of natural languages, directly characterize items for deep-learning and statistical modeling, and facilitate content management for service providers. Mycelebs is acknowledged by Amazon Web Services (AWS) as an Advanced Tier Partner in technology, currently powering major service providers including Kakao and Booking.com.



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