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Analytics Insight Announces �The 10 Most Disruptive Companies to Watch in 2021�

SAN JOSE, Calif. & HYDERABAD, India--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#Disruption--Analytics Insight has announced 'The 10 Most Disruptive Companies to Watch in 2021' in its March magazine issue.

The issue features innovative companies that aim to deliver superior business performance while addressing the market demands. By integrating cutting-edge technologies in the business pipeline to create solutions, the companies push the boundaries of digital transformation to new benchmarks. Let's look at the ten companies that made it to the list in 2021.

Featuring as the Cover Story is Grow.com, a no-code full-stack business intelligence (BI) platform that empowers enterprises to make data-driven decisions. The platform achieves this by combining data integrations, data warehousing, and visualization in one easy-to-use platform, to connect and explore its data. Further, Grow's unlimited-user license gives everyone access to the answers they need without waiting for an analyst.

The issue features Emonics, Eugenie.ai, Loamics as Company of the Month.

Emonics: An IT staffing and software development company that focuses on placing IT consultants on the job by acting as a bridge between consultations and clients. The company gets the consultant jobs done and fulfills the clients' requirements by delivering the most optimal IT staffing solutions by listening to their needs. It also has a large software development team that develops products and services.

Eugenie.ai: A unique decision intelligence and execution platform which enables enterprises to make efficient and optimal operational decisions about their assets and processes. The company addresses issues related to anomalies in operations such as unscheduled downtime detection, production quality issue detections, process-deviation detection, etc., using its descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive analytics products.

Loamics: The company specializes in data management, making data truly accessible for analytics and AI. By making data readily available, both dynamically and automatically, Loamics enables data adaption as per the needs of business function. It democratizes data by transforming it into datasets and saving data scientists time on no-added-value tasks and allowing them to focus their energy on more complex tasks.

Other honorable companies include:

INTSITE: The company utilizes AI and machine learning to improve efficiency and safety on construction job sites and mines. Its clients benefit from real-time actionable insights about the onsite occurrences and a web-based platform for analytics, zoning applications, and more.

OpsTree Solutions: The company empowers product & engineering teams with best of breed Cloud & DevOpSecOps platform implementations that enable getting to market faster, more securely and with ability to maintain the platform much more efficiently.

Predictive Black: A company that offers transformational cash visibility, management and forecasting software that for the first time combines macro market and economic sector data with the client's financial data to create machine learning-based predictive forecasts.

Thinkers360: The company is the world's first open platform for thought leaders and influencers to share opportunities, promote and advance their expertise. Its tools help in finding and working, and even showcasing premier thought leaders and authentic influencers in B2B community.

T-Systems: It is the world's leading IT service provider and supplier of digital services. As a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekon, the company provides all essential building blocks for innovative information technology and digitization to more than 1,000 global clients.

Digitate: A leading software provider that brings agility, assurance and resiliency to IT and business operations. Its software suite - ignio, reimages the enterprise IT landscape with a unique and innovative design that blends artificial intelligence technologies and advanced software engineering.

The featured companies are transforming the way industries operate to bring broad portfolio of next-generation tech solutions and offerings. They have displayed resilience and agility to dynamic industry trends and challenges. In this issue, Analytics Insight Magazine highlights the success stories of top disruptive companies that have driven themselves into profitable and exponential growth via disruptive innovation.

Read their detailed coverage here. For more information, please visit https://www.analyticsinsight.net/.

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