Android 6.0 Marshmallow for Mi3/Mi4 (Update 1 Jan, 2016)

Its been just a few days since Google announced its latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow version. But developers have already started working on the new update for existing devices.
According to the new Weibo post from the active Chinese developer, Ivan, we could see the first developer version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow on Xiaomi Mi3 real soon.

Of course, you may have to wait for a few more weeks until the first usable version is available, but its still good to see that thanks to such active developers, you can try out the latest Marshmallow Android update months before the official release.

Ivan notes that he�s still fixing bugs on his Xiaomi Mi3. And once he�s done with the Xiaomi Mi3 model, he will move on to the flagship Xiaomi Mi4.

Updated 1 Jan, 2016

Fix MAC Address changes bug after phone reboot
Fix DATA connectivity restart bug after data-connectivity is closed
Fix OTA FC bug
Improve operation of Sound activation
Improve CODEC decoding (using ffmpeg)
Included Cyanogenmod's Eleven Music APP
Attempted to fix touchscreen bug during a phone call session
Fix World Clock FC bug
Include switch off device's alarm (in Clock App)
Fix Mi Note's sensor bug
Improve WiFi operation
Included ChainFire's SuperSU 2.46 Final root
Included Display color adjustment (in Settings-> Display)
Improced of battery balance mode and battery saving mode inaccordance to MIUI ROM
Fix SIM card display notification
Improve SIM2 to use 4G network
Separation of ODEX to improve operation. (require merging of systems)

Full ROM:

OTA Update:

Updated 18 Dec, 2015
Download ROM Dec 18 build:�

If you are already on 01, Dec, 2015 build then here is the OTA update:�

Downloads- Update 01�Dec, 2015

TWRP recovery-





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