Angola Shadow State Executives Imperil Privatisation Agenda

Specialist risk intelligence firm EXX Africa publishes a new report looking into the background of the ongoing anti-corruption campaign in Angola. The full report is available on request and key findings are presented below.


LONDON, UK - Media
OutReach - 20 January 2020 - EXX Africa publishes a special report on Angola shadow state executives who imperil the
country's privatisation process.


Using a high-profile anti-corruption
campaign as a distraction, the Angolan political and business elite is once
again deeply entrenched in embezzling funds from Sonangol contracted


Ongoing trials and investigations in Angola
display a lack of judicial due process and government bias in
politically motivated targeted prosecutions, as well as public tarnishing of
senior judges and prosecutors.


This pattern bodes ominously for the
IMF-backed privatisation agenda in which the ruling elite will seek
lucrative stakes in state assets through opaque financing structures.


The transition of
political power in Angola has failed to root out entrenched state corruption
over the past two and a half years, while the current government is engaged in
new forms of fraud and embezzlement of state revenues.


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comment or a full copy of the report, please contact [email protected]

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