Ann Marie Puig Offers Tips For Managing Successful Business Sales Strategies

Ann Marie Puig Offers Tips For Managing Successful Business Sales Strategies

One of Costa Ricas top businesswomen, philanthropist Ann Marie Puig, provides strategic tips on how to handle sales negotiations in order to secure the sale.

Online PR News – 12-June-2019 – Regardless of whether a sales rep has appropriately qualified a prospect and accurately dealt with their desires through the business procedure, the arrangement can quickly come to an end on even the smallest of details. Being a sales negotiator requires a certain set of skills, and successful Costa Rican businesswoman Ann Marie Puig offers some advice on how to manage sales strategies to secure the deal.

Understanding some principle qualities will go a long way with clients. Always speak second and steer clear of ranges. Its almost never a good idea to be willing to split the difference, and the terms of the deal dont need to be put in writing until all of the details have been clearly defined. Adds Puig, One of the most important negotiating strategies is also one of the simplest always give in order to receive.

Without giving it much thought, a 30% markdown or extra a half year of assistance may appear to be satisfactory. Its just when you return to your office and begin drafting up the agreement that you understand you consented to terms you cant or shouldnt acknowledge. Plainly characterizing the points of price limits, complimentary gifts, or other additional items before you meet with your prospect will guarantee you reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

Youve exhibited the terms of the arrangement, and the prospect might want to negotiate them, so give them a chance to begin the discussion. In order to appease the client, salespeople are regularly enticed to offer a markdown or a change before the prospect even opens their mouth. In any case, you dont have a clue what theyre going to say. It pays to listen first, and then talk.

In the event that the client might want cash knocked off your items sticker price, dont state, Well, I could most likely diminish the expense by 15 or 20%. Who might acknowledge 15% when 20% has been advertised? Continuously quote one specific number and, after that, go higher or lower as needed. Between ought to be maintained at a strategic distance at all times.

Negotiations can swing forward and backward - around once more. Numerous thoughts will be proposed, and, although some will be acknowledged, others will be shot down. Asserts Puig, A sales rep would be smart not to reconsider the agreement until the meeting has finished, and all those involved have verbally consented to the terms.

It might seem obvious, but never negotiate with anyone other than the decision maker. This will lead to quicker closings and more solid interaction with the target entity.

One of the most important tips to remember and one that is often overlooked is that not all deals are feasible. Says Puig, Sometimes, its necessary to simply walk away from a possible deal. On the off chance that requests become preposterous or unbeneficial for the organization, dont be reluctant to leave the negotiations. A client who possibly consented to sign if the agreement was profoundly corrected or the cost was substantially dropped will undoubtedly cause issues in the future. Whats more, since they plainly dont see much an incentive in the offering, it wont be long until they turned out to be disappointed. Get out for your own good, and that of your prospect.

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Ann Marie Puig has been a distinguished Consultant, Assistant Controller, Accounting Manager, Director of Accounting and Finance and Chief Financial Officer for almost 20 years. She is bilingual in Spanish and English and has a reputation for accurate, clear and concise record management in month-end closings, accruals, reconciliations, AP, AR and JE, as well as superior human resource skills. She is extremely knowledgeable in current technology, eCommerce and a variety of Industries.


“One of the most important negotiating strategies is also one of the simplest always give in order to receive.”

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