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ANNKE Launches Amazon US DOTD, Up to $300 Off on Smart Security Solutions

HONG KONG--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#4MPSecurityCamera--ANNKE, created for security, today unveils its unbelievable 24-hour time-limit Deal of the Day discounts on its best-selling smart security solutions on US Amazon Store. Customers can get up to $300 off to purchase the security cameras & systems.


Amazon provides new deals every day, including Deal of the Day, Lightning Deals & more so that customers can purchase their favorite products at the most favorable pricing. ANNKE, to express the sincerest gratitude to its customers for their almost 1-decade continuous support, joins in Amazon US huge DOTD sales, aiming to make the most high-end security solutions accessible for every consumer.

ANNKE US Amazon DOTD Sneak Peek

ANNKE H800 16-channel PoE security camera system ($699.99 from $999.99), a 4K Ultra HD system delivers the sharpest footages day or night. Customers can get this versatile system to protect their homes & businesses at every angle.

Pano360 Pro ($399.99 from $599.99), a 6MP panoramic PoE IP camera captures true 360° fisheye view with just a camera. It records everything in true 6MP Super HD at smooth 30 fps.

ANNKE H500 8-channel PoE security camera system ($479.99 from $599.99), a 5MP Super HD PoE system guards customers’ premises in every corner, ensuring 24/7 non-stop protection all the year round.

ANNKE C800 4K Ultra HD PoE IP camera ($68.99 from $109.99), captures the clearest 4K footages day & night with the top-notch Sony sensor and EXIR night vision technology.

Shop the below ANNKE DOTD deals within 24 hours before the ultra sales end!





Best 4K Security

Camera System

$300 Off

Pano360 Pro

6MP Super HD

Fisheye IP Camera

$200 Off

H500 Bullet & H500 Turret

Best 5MP Super HD

8-Cam Security

Camera System

$120 Off

H500 Turret

Best 5MP Super HD

4-Cam Security

Camera System

$96 Off


Best 4MP QHD

AI PTZ PoE Camera

$89.7 Off

C800 Turret

Best 4K Ultra HD

PoE IP Camera

$41 Off

C500 Bullet

Best 5MP Super HD

PoE IP Camera

$16.99 Off


ANNKE, created for security, aims to provide the finest and best smart security cameras and systems for home and business owners worldwide. ANNKE's deep expertise in product design, smart home connectivity and cutting-edge capabilities enable it to deliver the most seamless security solutions for users. ANNKE is always striving to develop innovative technology to provide customers with easiest and the most straightforward security products.

For more details about ANNKE and its products, please visit: https://www.annke.com.


Alice Wei/PR Manager

Email: [email protected]

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