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OutReach - 24 June 2020 - IASG provides foreigners with accurate
advisory and effective immigration solutions in light of the travel and job
restrictions implemented to manage the pandemic.

  • IASG launches a
    campaign to help foreigners attain PR or attain Singapore Citizen despite the
    current pandemic.
  • Handling
    complexities inherent in applications, IASG adopts a personalised and
    solutions-driven approach for each case.
  • Despite the
    Circuit Breaker restrictions, IASG remains business-as-usual, offering
    exclusive discounts, free video consultations, and expedited profile analysis
    and submissions for all clients. 

IASG has established itself to be the trusted
immigration solutions provider in Singapore. Awarded the 'Best
Immigration Consultancy Firm 2020 -- South East Asia' title by APAC Insider, IASG has been offering unrivalled advice to clients and preparing
strong applications for PR, Singapore Citizenship, and business relocation in
Singapore since
2014. With in-depth knowledge of Singapore immigration
policies and experienced immigration professionals, the consultancy firm aids
in the seamless transition of nationalities for foreigners and multiple
enterprises looking to invest their future in Singapore.

Secure Livelihood in Singapore with the IASG Package

With the pandemic, millions are bearing the brunt of job losses, increased health
risks, and vocational disruptions. Adapting to this new normal is no easy feat,
especially with immigration restrictions hindering employability and foreigners
from finding security in the form of a home in Singapore.

The 'Keep Healthy. Keep it Right. Secure Your
Approval' campaign by IASG offers foreigners an opportunity to find their
foothold in Singapore, especially during these difficult times. IASG has
implemented additional strategies and continues to work closely with government
counterparts to accelerate applications with its integrated approach and
expedited packages. Striving to stick to its mission of guiding applicants
towards their goal of obtaining Singapore Citizenship or Permanent Residency,
IASG offers their expertise in making informed decisions.

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Secure Your Approval' campaign

Empathising with the uncertainties and fears
foreigners may be experiencing in the current climate, IASG has now made video
consultations available, offering an alternative mode to facilitate
applications. Eligible clients who seek the advisory of IASG under its latest
campaign also gain access to exclusive privileges -- service fee discounts, free
video consultation, professional case preparation, and the investment of
securing PR or citizenship in Singapore. Time is
of the essence now and IASG remains focused on
handling all complex immigration issues from a legal and professional
standpoint. Encouraging eligible foreigners to apply for Singapore Citizenship
and/or Permanent Residency, IASG strategises stand out applications, acting as
a key driver for an application's success.

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for Singapore PR/Citizenship

Enabling Successful Applications

Having worked with thousands of applicants, IASG's systematic approach
handholds you through the entire process with minimal hassle. When you apply
for Singapore PR or Citizenship, IASG considers all factors from age and education
to family ties and talent, professionally mapping out your Singapore PR and
Citizenship application till the end. This is facilitated by the thorough
start-to-end process. With stricter health and travel regulations now in place,
communication measures have also grown tenfold, ensuring strong error-free
documents to expedite your application.

Read what our clients have to say here, and our case by case approach in dealing with unique applicants here.

"We understand how critical
attaining PR or Citizenship is for you and your families' lives. Jobs and
dreams of a secured future in Singapore are imperilled." IASG stays optimistic in its tools,
expertise, and speedy operations to succeed in securing citizenship for its
clients despite the current restrictions.

About Immigration @ SG LLP (IASG)

is an immigration consultancy firm in Singapore. The IASG team of Immigration
Specialists has guided thousands successfully apply for Singapore Citizenship
and Permanent residency by upholding service integrity and actively staying
updated on ICA policies and economic shifts. This lends support to the myriad
of immigration solutions offered by the firm, such as the provision of
instructions and advisory on how to apply for Singapore PR/Citizenship. This
enables application matters to be expedited, and in turn, increase prospects of
obtaining Singaporean citizenship or residential status.

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