Artesyn Announces New Four-Slot Case and Hold-up Module for Second Generation MicroMP Series Configurable AC-DC Power Supplies

KONG, CHINA�-�Media OutReach�-
17 April 2019�-�
Embedded Technologies
today announced the latest
four-slot case and a new hold-up module for its second generation
series configurable AC-DC power supplies.
Designated �MP09, the new enclosure supports a maximum power output of 550
watts at 85-180 Vac and 1100 watts and 80-263 Vac. The new hold-up module is
designed for high-reliability applications and enables the supply to continue
providing power for a period of time if the input power is interrupted.


Measuring just 256.9 x 88.9 x 40.0 mm (10.11 x 3.5
x 1.57 inches) the ?MP09 case can be configured using Artesyn's world-class
family of highly efficient, digitally controlled power modules certified to
service a diverse range of applications including industrial, medical, test and
measurement, telecoms, process control and military and aerospace systems.

Designed to ensure high efficiency and reliability
-- even in extreme environmental conditions -- the �MP09 is rated for performance
at temperatures from -40 to 70 degrees Celsius. It can withstand a shock of
more than 50 G and meets the MIL-STD-810G specification for vibration. The
calculated mean time between failures is more than 350,000 hours at full load.
Conformal coating is also available as an option.

The power supply is fully approved to the third
edition of the EN60601-1 and UL ES60601-1 medical safety standards and with 2X
Means of Patient Protection (2XMOPP), it can be used in non-patient contact and
non-patient critical equipment.

Up Module

The new hold-up module for Artesyn's ?MP systems is
designed to maintain electronic system operation during extended input bus
drop-out scenarios. This can be important in industrial, military and aerospace
applications. The module is designed to enable compliance with the SEMI F47
specification, an industry standard for voltage sag immunity,
which says that industrial equipment must tolerate voltage sags, or dips, on
the AC mains supply to specific depths and durations. While it is a critical
requirement for many semiconductor processing applications, many other
industries use SEMI F47 to benchmark the reliability and productivity of their

Configurable Power Supplies

The new �MP series is just one line in Artesyn's portfolio
of configurable
power supplies, which are renowned for their outstanding performance and
reliability and for being cost effective.
Artesyn's ConfigPro�
online power supply configurator helps customers find the optimal solution
from the three million plus combinations enabled by its range of configurable
power supplies. The ConfigPro tool makes it easier for industrial and medical
equipment designers to specify and use configurable power supplies and can, in
many cases, eliminate the need for expensive custom solutions.

Artesyn's intuitive GUI-based control software, which can be
downloaded free from
and used with Artesyn's configurable power supplies, provides users with
superior flexibility, including real-time input voltage, current and
temperature monitoring to provide at-a-glance performance confirmation.

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