Artist Katie Bright’s Work to be Featured During ‘Signature’ at Boulevard 3 in Los Angeles

Artist Katie Bright's Work to be Featured During 'Signature' at Boulevard 3 in Los Angeles

UK Artist Katie Bright's work from her Preloved Art Series will be featured in a cabaret performance at Boulevard 3 in Los Angeles on April 14!

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Online PR News – 25-February-2016 – Audiences in Los Angeles will have the opportunity to see the work of artist Katie Bright, aka Miss Brightside, during "Signature," an event presented by RAW Natural Artists that will include visual and performance art, music, fashion, film and photography.

The event, which takes place from 7 pm to 11 pm on April 14 at Boulevard 3, will be hosted by TMZ host and model, Danika Kennedy, and feature other notable artists including Pail Art, Lucas Rome, Jak, TAG, Robert Chambers, Spread the Blob, and Emily Keifer, music by Renovatio, Rina, and Andrea Vasquez, and performances by Ruxanda, and Trixx, to name a few.

Bright, who is known internationally for her cross-platform work, which spans the likes of fashion, illustration, design and performance art, has developed a burlesque-style performance for "Signature" where seven dancers will take the stage donning handmade costumes from her Preloved Past Loves Art Series.

The concept for the artwork and performance derives from the artist's Tragic Kingdom photography series, which explores the concept of the exaggerated feminine, and in her words, "negotiates the production and reproduction of the female image."

Swindon, UK locals will immediately recognize Brights Tragic Kingdom No. 1 photograph as it was installed as a billboard facing the town's famous Magic Roundabout in 2014. The photograph depicts the artist staring into a mirror in heavy costume makeup and serves as a reflection of a reflection and displays the distance from perceivable realness.

Bright took the stage at the Melrose Ballroom in New York last month where she performed "I Want to Be Loved by You" as Miss Brightside, her spotlight loving alter ego, with performers dancing across the catwalk and surrounding stage dressed in costumes designed by the artist.

For the upcoming performance at "Signature" Brights dancers will be perform to the song "Im Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair" from the film "South Pacific" as a video of her recent performance in New York plays silently on both sides of the stage.

Prior to entering the art world several years ago, Katie Bright established herself as a successful designer in the fashion industry designing collections for United Colors of Benetton's Zerododici and The Hip Site, as well as pieces for Akira Isogawa and others. A wildly creative genius, Bright has since used her skill in garment construction and design to create costumes as art pieces.

The costumes that audiences will have a chance to see on Brights performers at the upcoming "Signature" event are the evolution of her wolf mask series, a body of work that weaves together elements of the fairy tale world, multiple personas and the over-sexualized society we live in today.

"It wasnt long before the mask developed into a series with each one representing a pre-loved past love that I've personified with its own story and poem," explains Bright.

"As the series developed the fox grew into a grotesque wolf with big teeth and elongated tongues. Number 19 is a Red Riding Hood Cloak made up of all the previous mask templates. The cloak has this enormous black afro wig hood and a harlequin mask to encompass 19 personae. Number 20 took 3 months to create. I remade all of the masks in detail to 20s patterns, sewing them together to form a burlesque costume. Number 21 is a onesie, again made from the 20 previous mask template."

From taking the stage as Miss Brightside where she has proven herself to be an engaging and unique performance artist who brings her audience to question societal constructs as she playfully entertains them, to designing dazzling costumes and poignant illustrations, Brights talents are unparalleled in the art world. The range of mediums that she has brilliantly and effectively incorporated into her overall body of work has not only led viewers around the world to take note, but more and more business owners are commissioning the artist to design spaces.

Aside from "Signature," Katie Bright is currently working on two high-profile design projects, one for the Surftides Lincoln City hotel in Oregon, and the other project is for the Farmers Daughter hotels Tart restaurant in Los Angeles.

"Katie is an amazing artist and art director. Katie has worked with us on both a conceptual level as well as producing specific art installation pieces. Her vision is prolific and we were thrilled to see our ideas produced into full blown installations with precision and professionalism," explains Ellen Picataggio, the owner and Creative Director of Farmers Daughter.

"I am most impressed that Katie is as adept at production, quality control, and time management as she is in creating. Her background in graphic art, fashion, and video gives her a multitude of talents she can pull from for a project and plays many roles herself. She's a one woman powerhouse that I have the pleasure of knowing and working with."



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