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As the New Engine Under the Dual Cycle, Rendanheyi Brings New Directions for Post-Epidemic Enterprise Transformation

QINGDAO, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--At the "Rendanheyi Boundaryless Network Opentalk | 2020" held on September 16th in the context of the incomplete elimination of the COVID-19 epidemic, the gathering of global management elites online gave participants more confidence in facing the dilemma of the enterprises, allowing more enterprises and managers to see that "what we fear is only the fear itself." Haier's performance in this epidemic allows us to see the new direction of corporate transformation in the post-epidemic era and the new engine of economic growth.

As China's economy enters a new stage, double cycle has become a hot word in discussion, but double cycle is not a new word born in 2020. We have a lot of experience to learn from.

Two examples are the most famous double-circulation development cases - the double economic cycle of the United States during the "Coolidge boom" in the early 20th century and the double economic cycle of Japan in the 1980s and 1990s have achieved rapid economic growth, both in consumer goods and information technology. Statistics show that during the double cycle of the Japanese economy, the growth rate of consumer goods and information technology industries was significantly higher than that of other industries. Analogous to the present, a new round of consumption upgrades and industrial upgrades led by the technological revolution of the IoT are also setting off in these two fields. The new round of growth is also where the IoT ecosystem is most dazzling.

During the dual economic cycle of the US and Japan, the management model reform provided a strong underlying support for corporate growth. In order to adapt to new technology and economy, Taylorism and Fordism were born during the double cycle of the American economy, and Toyotaism of "zero defect" was born during the double cycle of the Japanese economy. During the double cycle of China's economy, a management revolution is also needed to provide the bottom layer support for corporate growth. The Rendanheyi Model, which has made mature explorations, has solid and replicable experience.

In fact, the Rendanheyi Model is accelerating to gain global recognition. From the beginning of the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, the MIT Sloan Management Review praised Haier for its organizational resilience. In the entrepreneurial forum, Premier Li Keqiang paid attention to the Rendanheyi scorecard and praised it as "a new model", and then Haier's series of outstanding overseas achievements - the United States' GEA and Japan's Sanyo still achieved double-digit growth during the epidemic, each of which has attracted attention. At present, there are more than 62,000 companies learning Rendanheyi around the world, including 24 of the top 500 companies. In a sense, Rendanheyi is no longer an exclusive term for Haier, but a grand event for global enterprises management revolution in the Internet of Things era.




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