ASAlaser: Internationalisation and Sustainability Are the 2019 Cornerstones

The evaluation of new markets in which to expand and the retention of existing ones are the mainstay of the year which has just closed for the company, which has recorded a considerable growth in the Far East, Europe, Central and South America. The "Customer Satisfaction 2019" results are certainly noteworthy. Training remains the cornerstone of the activity, with more than 200 training sessions for Human and Vet distributors from over 90 countries and 1400 hours for company staff.

Vicenza, Italy, February 06, 2020 --( In 2019, once again ASA continues the internationalization strategy aimed at promoting its worldwide development, thanks also to the presence of a structured network of local distributors and of relationships with the main bodies and institutions of the various countries where the company's therapies are present. The results from last year confirm the validity of this approach, highlighted by the performance of Central and South America – doubled compared with 2018 – and by the remarkable growth in the Far East: +20%. From Mexico to South Korea, via Spain, France, Russia and Thailand, the ASA therapies in the Human (MLS®, Hilterapia® and Magnetotherapy) and in the Veterinary (MLS Laser Therapy MLS®) sectors have in fact been adopted by renowned hospitals, clinics and professionals.

"In 2019, the human sector represented 75% of our activity," explains Roberto Marchesini, General Manager. "Compared with 25% for the veterinary sector, an area which is gradually consolidating. This is confirmed by the search for increasingly effective solutions by Vet professionals, interested in adopting therapies which solve the animal's problems effectively and quickly, whilst also reassuring the owner."

Drawing on this awareness, ASA continued to invest in research during 2019, with the aim of developing new equipment and care solutions which would contribute to the well-being of the patient, both human and animal. The value of the work carried out to date is highlighted by the "Customer Satisfaction 2019": 90% of survey respondents (both Italian and foreign end customers and distributors) gave a score equal to or greater than 7 on a scale of 1 to 10 both for the reliability of ASA products and for the clinical results obtained.

Train and be trained to create added value
Where the research factor is one of the pillars of the company, at the same time so is training structured in thematic training carried out in the offices of distributors and in the company itself, workshops, conferences and sector fairs, in-depth analysis during video conferences with applications integrating didactic materials, road shows and business meetings for the correct dissemination of "laser therapy and magnetotherapy culture."

This significant effort is validated by the figures: in 2019 the company carried out more than 100 worldwide training activities for the veterinary sector and as many for the human context, supporting staff with its own medical trainers and scientifically recognised researchers.

Furthermore, with the aim of increasing the skills of its collaborators, ASA has scheduled a calendar of courses on technical-engineering-regulatory issues for a total of 1,400 hours.

Sustainability: from architectural choices to people
Finally, in 2019 ASA particularly embraced the El.En. Group commitment, a group which it has belonged to since 2003, towards a "Sustainable" business management which consists in making its objectives accessible to all interlocutors in order to consolidate their trust, in the development of employees, in investment in research and development to protect the environment and the cultural, social and artistic heritage.

On this basis, the company is organising the planning of all future initiatives aimed at creating sustainable value for the planet and for people. Initial evidence of this ethical approach can be seen in the new company headquarters inaugurated on 4th October. The quality of the design and construction of the building allow in fact to avoid releasing 14.7 tons of CO2per year into the atmosphere and the installation of filtered water dispensers eliminates the use of 3,000 containers every year, which results in 60 kg of CO2 not released into the atmosphere every month. To this, we have added the installation of an air treatment system which allows maximum energy efficiency also ensured by an exchanger; the lighting design entrusted to high efficiency led technology; a 33 kW photovoltaic system to integrate the energy requirements of the company systems and the availability of a charging point for electric vehicles.

“Being sustainable also means attaching importance to people's well-being and health. We are therefore grateful to El.En. who donated an AED, an automated external defibrillator, for the inauguration. We have planned its scheduled maintenance and a first aid course (BLSD - Basic Life Support and Defibrillation) for 4 employees who, after passing it, have been registered with the Veneto Region 118 Medical Emergency Service," explains Matteo Da Soghe, corporate PPSM. "Today our colleagues can carry out this task outside the business context too, thus covering an extremely useful social role. Anyone undergoing an emergency who is near our premises can also contact us: the 118 system in fact has a map available with the geo-location of defibrillation devices and can tell the casual rescuer the fastest way to intervene."

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