ASAlaser Therapies and the Italian Fencing Federation: 10 Years of Medals

The Olympics, the World Championships and international competitions distinguished by victories have marked the ten years of collaboration between the Italian company ASAlaser from Vicenza, manufacturer of lasers for rehabilitation and physiotherapy, and the Azzurri Italian fencing team. These were also underlined by the recent successes at Wuxi 2018.

Vicenza, Italy, September 27, 2018 --( Beijing 2008 – Wuxi 2018: the partnership between ASAlaser, a company committed to the research and manufacture of laser therapies for physiotherapy and rehabilitation, and the Federazione Italiana Scherma (FIS) – Italian Fencing Federation – was born and celebrates an important ten-year milestone in Asia, where two leading international sports events take place.

The collaboration between the ASAlaser and FIS, whose staff of doctors and physiotherapists relies on the support of the ASA therapeutic solutions (to prepare athletes prior to the competitions and when accidents or painful issues emerging on the track can affect their performance) began with the Beijing Olympic Games.

Where support was initially provided by Hilterapia®, a therapy based on the use of a pulsed Nd:YAG laser source which reaches the deepest tissues in a safe and verified manner, from 2016, the fencers have also been able to use MLS® Laser Therapy. This therapy, which uses diode lasers sources with emission characteristics developed in order to obtain an energy mix, effective in terms of biological interactions, therapeutic effects and treatment safety, received its symbolic institutional baptism at the “2018 Wuxi World Fencing Championship.”

A leading occasion to prove its effectiveness as a team mate to quickly tackle issues which commonly affect athletes.

“Insertional tendinopathies, explains Antonio Fiore, the physician in charge of FIS, represent by far the most common issue in top athletes, who must however also deal with other chronic or microtrauma problems such as for example, periostitis or myo-enthesitis. To these we can add annoyances or inconveniences caused by excess training. The ASAlaser therapies allow us to treat each of these issues effectively and rapidly, avoiding a very risky clinical degradation, which is very dangerous for the athletes and allowing us to achieve suitable results for the sports performance. Knowing that when the athletes go into the physiotherapy room they can rely on the Hilterapia® and MLS® Laser Therapy devices is reassuring.”

This reassurance has contributed to achieving many Italian achievements over the past 10 years, such as the recent total of 7 medals (4 golds, 2 silvers and 1 bronze) won at Wuxi.

“In common with FIS, we share values such as commitment and the constant search for the best performance, aware that success is also born from this, in addition to perseverance and passion. We can but be satisfied and proud to have shared an important part of the journey for mutual growth,” explains Roberto Marchesini, the ASAlaser Managing Director.

The assessment by Giorgio Scarso, President of the Italian Fencing Federation, is also based on the motto “never change a winning team.” He said: “Over these years, we have never simply looked for a supplier or a sponsor from our partner company. In fact, we wished to enhance the term 'partner', with an all-around involvement of those who choose to marry their brand with our movement, sharing objectives and ideals. The successes achieved during these years are therefore the result of a team effort in which ASAlaser played an important and leading role, not just because they enabled the medical staff to be at the forefront and therefore for our athletes to undergo first-class therapies, but also and especially because we have seen the real involvement and passion with which they have shared every important moment of the last ten years of Italian fencing. I am sure that this winning spirit and formula will continue for a long time and will only bring further benefits.”

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