Asian Productivity Organization (APO) releases Report on Strengthening the Mongolian Productivity Organization and Increasing Productivity within Mongolia

OutReach - 19 February
2020 - In a newly released report, the Asian Productivity
Organization (APO) recommends how the
Mongolian Productivity Organization (MPO) could expand its ability to
undertake productivity promotion and improve its visibility as the country's
leading productivity organization. The report outlines a major transformation
program requiring substantial resources and national initiatives. The key
recommendation concerns the small staff size of the MPO and its available
resources. The MPO needs to win major long-term client contracts from the
public or private sector or significantly increase its membership to generate
sufficient funds for improved programs and services.

APO Secretary-General Dr. AKP Mochtan (R) presenting the report to MPO Chairman and Executive Director Yamaaranz Erkhermbayar in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 21 January 2020.


The ideal option in the immediate future is
for the MPO to obtain a substantial contract from the government for the
development of a national strategy on productivity enhancement. The MPO should
encourage and support the Mongolian government in relaunching the National
Productivity Award, including assistance in introducing a Business Excellence
(BE) initiative. Public-sector organizations that start the BE journey often
become world-class institutions. If it
succeeds, this endeavor could be a game-changer for Mongolia, involving the
entire public sector and private enterprises in a transformation program
managed by the MPO.


APO support for national productivity
organizations under its Specific National
Program (SNP) addresses institutional needs to enable effective productivity-related
strategies and programs to be developed, implemented, and sustained. The objective of the SNP consultancy for the MPO was to
strategies, organizational structure, funding models, staffing, approaches to
governance, leadership, human resources, services and programs, business
activities, operations and systems, etc., as emphasized in the report


APO Secretary-General Dr. AKP Mochtan
presented the Report on Strengthening the Mongolian Productivity
Organization and Increasing Productivity within Mongolia to the MPO,
represented by the APO Director for Mongolia and Chairman and Executive
Director Yamaaranz Erkhermbayar, in Ulaanbaatar on 21 January 2020. It will
serve as a reference for transforming the productivity movement within
Mongolia, and the Secretary-General wished the MPO every success in the


In order to involve local stakeholders,
especially those from the public sector, in implementing the recommendations
outlined in the report, Secretary-General Dr. Mochtan had opportunities for
discussions with public officials from the Cabinet
Secretary's Office; Office of Foreign Affairs; Ministry of Education, Science,
Culture and Sports; Mongolian National Audit Office; Ministry of Food,
Agriculture and Light Industry; and University of Livestock. All are committed
to enhancing productivity from the national to the sectoral and organizational
levels. "The Mongolian National Audit Office welcomed the report from the APO
and would like to focus on addressing public-sector productivity by learning
from the experiences of other APO members," according to Deputy General Auditor
Tengis O. Secretary-General Dr. Mochtan affirmed that aspiration, explaining
that, "In the end, the government should better serve and meet the expectations
of the citizenry and the private sector in the country, which was one of the
highlights of the report."


Note to Editors

The APO Specific
National Program was designed to drive the national productivity movements of
member countries by helping them improve regulatory and policy frameworks in
areas related to productivity enhancement. Under the program, the APO provides
customized technical and consultancy services to national productivity
organizations or their partners for implementing projects that can address the
specific needs and expectations of member countries to enhance productivity and
competitiveness. It also supports member countries in advancing national
productivity agendas and implementing key interventions to achieve productivity
goals aligned with the APO Vision 2020 objectives.

About the APO (

Asian Productivity Organization (APO) is an intergovernmental organization
committed to improving productivity in Asia and the Pacific. Established in
1961, the APO contributes to the sustainable socioeconomic development of the
region through policy advisory services, institutional capacity-building
efforts, sharing of productivity best practices, and dissemination of
productivity data and analyses.


current APO membership comprises 20 economies: Bangladesh; Cambodia; Republic
of China; Fiji; Hong Kong; India; Indonesia; Islamic Republic of Iran; Japan;
Republic of Korea; Lao PDR; Malaysia; Mongolia; Nepal; Pakistan; Philippines;
Singapore; Sri Lanka; Thailand; and Vietnam.

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