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ASTER_Wise Solution to Serve the Smart Community in Indonesia

AR/VR interactive caring and epidemic prevention are advanced smart technologies

JAKARTA TIMUR, Indonesia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ASTER_Wise Smart Community Theme Alliance organizes Taiwanese manufacturers such as smart sensors, information security protection, video online marketing, etc., providers to establish a smart community integration system to respond to the new form of Indonesia with the rise of lifestyle. Under the impact of the epidemic on global trade, integrating the resources of Indonesia’s small and medium-sized enterprises, opening up different business models in the form of alliances, and expanding overseas emerging business opportunities will help lead Taiwan's industries to go international.

The goal of the alliance is to create a smart community that connects AI recognition, action data, and digital ecosystems. By introducing intelligent monitoring and AI intelligence, the construction environment process is made transparent. Residents can view community information and services at a glance by using their mobile phones, optimize the resident experience, strengthen the safety of the living environment, and provide telemedicine services. Use AR/VR to visually link the overall service security, and collect data to de-identify the action data to provide verification. Then, combined with multiple digital marketing tools and technology, accelerate the development of the Indonesian market.

The alliance plans a variety of customized solutions according to the needs of residents, based on the smart security control system, combined with the smart community platform, information security system, and face license plate recognition technology, plus life value-added application functions such as telemedicine and other services, planning to promote smart community solutions to the Indonesian market.

ASTER_Wise’s benefit with 1) Adding new customer areas, and opening up new markets, as sustainable development competitiveness. 2) The development of various smart community technologies and creative services will be promoted through the overseas development of ASTER_Wise Alliance. 3) The initial operation target is a single experimental site, which can be expanded to Southeast Asian countries in the future, and service introduction can also be extended to smart park units.

About ASTER_Wise

In response to global competition and changes in industrial structure, we will assist industrial technology innovation with rich IOT experience, and build and integrate platforms with cloud environments. Improve service quality through smart device monitoring and data analysis, and drive investment in related software and hardware industries in the future.


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