Asus Zenwatch 2 � 7 great reasons to own it!

Asus Zenwatch 2Almost a year after the launch of the successful ASUS ZenWatch, it�s time to see whether the second edition will change the game.

The first edition of the ASUS ZenWatch was successfully launched last year. The company has now built on the model to bring us the Asus ZenWatch 2. Featuring new design elements and more customization options, the watch comes equipped with a suite of great features. We took a long, hard look to bring you 7 highlights of the ZenWatch 2.

Crowning glory
Building on the well-appreciated design of the first generation device, the Asus ZenWatch 2 has a square stainless steel case with rounded edges. A new addition to the second edition is the crown. It does not rotate but can be pushed to turn the screen on and off and can be used to open the apps screen.

Style chameleon
The Asus ZenWatch 2 comes in a choice of three colors for the case � Gunmetal Grey, Rose Gold and Silver � apart from several strap options in leather, stainless steel (with links) and rubber. This watch can always be in sync with your wardrobe, making keeping up with trends a breeze! For the straight shooters, the ZenWatch can also be fitted with regular watchstraps.

Size it up
Allowing you to pick the size that works for you between the 49mm and the 45mm case, this smartwatch works for people from both genders. The size dictates the display with the 49mm model featuring a 1.63-inch display while the smaller 45mm model features a 1.45-inch display.

Crystal clear
Both models of the latest ASUS smartwatch have an AMOLED display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for protection. The 45mm display offers a 280 X 280 pixel resolution while the larger model has a 320 X 320 pixel resolution, exhibiting sharp details and great clarity.

Manage it like a pro
The watch comes with its own app, the ZenWatch Manager, which allows access to additional functionality. Coupled with features including remote call control that lets you manage calls from the watch and the ability to unlock your Android smartphone or iPhone (yes, it works on both platforms) by touching the face of the watch, it�s highly convenient.

Keep track
The ZenWatch Manager also comes with the �Find my Phone� and the �Find my Watch� features. With the ZenWatch Manager on your watch, use the �Find my Phone� feature to send a signal to your phone, making it vibrate and flash enabling you to find it! The same works the other way around.

Face Up
The ZenWatch Manager provides up to 50 additional watch faces apart from what is available on Android Wear watch faces in different categories such as Sport, Urban, Digital, Youth, Simplicity. Additionally each of these watch faces can be configured to add more data such as weather, time zones, etc. However, pacify the artist in you by designing your own watch face by using ASUS FaceDesigner app. The ultimate personalization!

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