ASX: Reach More Than 100 Mio Potential Clients in Just a Few Clicks

Berlin, Germany, November 13, 2020 --( The "self-booking" email marketing platform ASX brings direct marketing to a new level. From now on, companies can automatically send their campaigns to GDPR-compliant, external databases. With ASX (Audience Serv Exchange), Audience Serv is revolutionizing customer acquisition via email. The highly effective platform makes booking and managing email campaigns easier than ever.

Highly targeted email campaigns in a few simple steps
ASX is an online email marketing platform that enables companies to send their own email campaigns to millions of potential customers in just a few clicks. The user-friendly dashboard helps to set up email advertising campaigns and to offers various segmentation options to reach the right audience. While advertisers have full control over budget, target group, campaign period, etc., the campaigns are automatically optimized. All available user data was collected in compliance with the GDPR and is part of Audience Serv's verified data pool.

“We’ve been helping companies generate leads and new customers for over 12 years. We are pleased to introduce ASX, an automated email marketing tool that will help companies from all industries to optimize their marketing potential and simplify processes,” comments Oliver Schmieder, Vice President DACH at Audience Serv.

The budget under full control
The platform is based on a “bidding model.” Accordingly, campaigns with the same target group compete with each other. The campaign with the highest bid, which is set by the advertiser, wins the send-out. Budgets can be adjusted at any time. In addition, a powerful real-time analysis provides information on campaign performance. This way, users are up to date with important metrics such as opening rate, click rate, revenue, etc.

"ASX enables advertisers to automate email send-outs to external and verified databases and to optimize marketing campaigns at the same time. This way, companies can achieve their acquisition goals in a simple and effective way," Oliver Schmieder continues.

ASX is available now. You can find more information at

About Audience Serv
Audience Serv is an International customer acquisition specialist with offices in Berlin, Munich, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Singapore, and Hanoi. Founded in 2008, the company has an experienced and enthusiastic team of more than 80 Audience Experts globally, who are working on developing the perfect method for target group segmentation. Using techniques from machine learning and artificial intelligence, Audience Serv runs highly targeted online campaigns across multiple marketing channels. The company made it their mission to consistently exceed client expectations in terms of both service levels and campaign outcomes.

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