Attending a Baby Shower: What You Need to Know

Have you ever been invited to a baby shower but had no idea what to expect or what to bring? Don't worry, you're not alone. Baby showers are a celebration of the upcoming arrival of a new baby and they can be quite different from traditional parties. If you've never attended one before, here's what you need to know.

Understanding Baby Shower Etiquette

First and foremost, it's important to understand the etiquette surrounding baby showers. Generally, they are organized and hosted by a close friend or family member of the expectant mother. It is not appropriate for the parents-to-be to host their own baby shower.


Invitations to a baby shower are usually sent out a few weeks in advance. Make sure to RSVP promptly and let the host know if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies. It's also a good idea to ask if there is a specific theme for the shower, as this can help guide your gift choices.

Gift Giving

One of the main components of a baby shower is gift-giving. As the name suggests, these gifts are usually for the expectant mother and the baby. Some common gifts include diapers, baby clothes, blankets, and nursery items. If you're not sure what to get, consider asking the mother-to-be for a registry or consult with other guests.

Bringing Children

Unless specifically stated on the invitation, it's usually best to leave young children at home when attending a baby shower. The focus of the event is on the mother-to-be and it can be difficult for other guests to enjoy themselves if young children are running around.

Activities at a Baby Shower

Baby showers often include fun activities and games. This is a great way for guests to interact with each other and celebrate the upcoming arrival of the new baby. Here are a few common activities you may encounter at a baby shower:

  • Guessing the size of the mother's belly by using a string or ribbon
  • Decorating onesies or bibs for the baby
  • Creating a "wishes for baby" card where guests can write down messages and advice for the new parents
  • Baby shower bingo, where guests fill in squares with gifts they think the mother will receive
  • Name that baby food, where guests have to taste different pureed baby foods and guess what flavor they are

What to Wear

Baby showers tend to be more casual events, so don't feel like you need to dress up in your fanciest attire. However, it's always a good idea to check with the host or other guests if there is a specific dress code or theme for the shower.

How to Be a Good Guest

As with any event, it's important to be a good guest at a baby shower. This includes arriving on time, bringing a gift, and being respectful of the host's home. It's also important to remember that this is a celebration for the mother-to-be, so try not to dominate conversations or make it all about yourself.

Don't forget to congratulate the parents-to-be and offer your well wishes for the upcoming arrival of their little one. Enjoy the event and have fun celebrating this special occasion!  So, if you're ever invited to a baby shower in the future, you'll be well-prepared and know exactly what to expect.

Do you have any other tips or advice for attending a baby shower? Share them in the comments below! Let's help each other out and make these celebrations even more special.

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