Augson Global Set to Develop Student and Staff Accommodation Facilities at UHAS

Augson Global has signed an MoU with the University of Health and Allied Sciences for the development of Students and Staff Accommodation facilitates.

Accra, Ghana, August 04, 2019 --( A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the University of Health & Allied Sciences at Sokode-Lokoe near Ho, and Augson Global Limited located in Accra. Professor Seth Owusu-Agyei, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Chairman of the PPP Committee of the university recounted the Request for Proposals, Presentation and Evaluation processes conducted by the university for the development of its lands, and pursuant to the process, UHAS has earmarked Augson Global as the developer.

On Thursday, 1 August 2019, the university represented by Professor John Owusu Gyapong (Vice Chancellor), Professor Seth Owusu-Agyei (Pro-Vice-Chancellor), Dr Cynthia SenaKpeglo (Registrar) and Mr Callistus Clarke Noyuru (Legal Counsel) met with Augson Global also represented by MrRudolf Schirmer Ampofo-Domfeh (founder/CEO), Mr Joseph Acheampong (Director of Projects) and Mr Michael R. Youri(Legal Director) to sign an MoU to plan, design, construct and operate Student and Staff Accommodation facilities.

Mr Rudolf Schirmer Ampofo-Domfeh indicated that his company shall deliver 10,000 students capacity hostels and 550 units of staff accommodation as part of their Augson Investment Program (AuSIP) under the Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT) basis. �Augson is excited to develop two transformative mixed-use projects for UHAS, dubbed Augson Smart Hostels. Our proposed uses for the development of two neighboring new constructions are the same, integrated, both with the vision to promote residential diversity, foster education, and stimulate campus-level activity. Each of the uses envisioned; mixed income student housing, retail space, and students theme park, will add to the vibrancy of the neighborhood, respond uniquely to demand, and capitalize on the market conditions. The design, construction and amenities of both the student and staff accommodation will be high-quality and build upon the other landmark developments within the university,� he said.

He was very positive to create a true, transit-oriented residential mixed-use development with student housing and retail uses. And stated that the project will extend the active services along UHAS, enhancing a livable and eco-friendly student neighborhood. �The project will offer various units� types for its diverse tenant pro le tailored to all demographics in search of urban living on campus. It shall provide students and staffs with the widest variety of housing types and prices, proximity to lectures theatres, a range of transportation options, and the availability to live near the many amenities that the facility shall have to offer."

Professor John Owusu Gyapong, Vice Chancellor said, �UHAS is a young University with a modest environment. Currently in most universities especially young ones such as UHAS, the number of students admitted is not determined by the bed spaces available. This is as a result of high demand for higher education and the high number of SHS graduates who qualify for university admissions. This has created accommodation shortage such that each year students lack accommodation within the school hostel. This is a disadvantage to students who cannot find or afford accommodation outside the university, to those who do not hail from the city and nearby towns of the university and probably have never been to those cities and towns before.�

He continued, �Government doesn�t have readily available funds for the development, however, UHAS is poised to stand and continue developing. Private companies� participation in the development of infrastructure for universities is an imperative initiative, and we are grateful for Augson�s interest in joining hands with UHAS for these developments.�

He hoped that the accommodation shortage shall be corrected soon with these proposed developments where an appropriate environment will be created for living as well as studying.

Copies of the signed MoU were handed to Mr Rudolf SchirmerAmpofo-Domfeh by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Professor Seth Owusu-Agyei.

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