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Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services Ltd. introduces Aurigene.AI™, an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) assisted drug discovery platform

  • Aurigene.AI is an end-to-end solution for small molecule drug discovery combining AI and ML capabilities with Aurigene's core expertise in synthesizing and testing the molecules in vitro and in vivo.
  • The platform consists of a meticulously curated database that serves as training data.
  • The modular platform allows users flexibility in selecting suitable AI models from a set of generative, predictive, and computational algorithms. It utilizes an iterative ML process for rational and efficient chemical design, and prioritization based on synthetic tractability and properties such as ADME (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion) and potency.

HYDERABAD, India--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#AI--Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services Limited (Aurigene), a contract research, development, and manufacturing services organization and a Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories company, introduces Aurigene.AI, an AI and ML-assisted platform for accelerating drug discovery projects from hit identification to candidate nomination.

Aurigene.AI combines advanced physics-based simulation, generative and predictive AI models, and CADD (Computer-Aided Drug Design) in one platform, allowing users to pick the appropriate algorithms for a given application. The modular platform also consists of a meticulously curated database of 180 million compounds and 1.6 million validated bioassay data points. This database is ever-expanding and serves as training data for the platform.

Aurigene.AI is hosted on Google Cloud, which offers a scalable infrastructure for handling large datasets and efficient computation while safeguarding client data confidentiality.

Integrating AI and ML-based solutions with Aurigene's core capabilities in chemical design, synthesis, and assessment in bioassays will facilitate faster development of novel therapeutics. Discovery scientists at Aurigene have validated the platform using a case study and demonstrated that the application of Aurigene.AI reduced the cycle time from chemical design to synthesis and testing by 35%.

Akhil Ravi, CEO, Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services Ltd., said, “We are committed to continually advancing our service experience and providing innovative end-to-end solutions to our global partners. Aurigene.AI is an important addition to our small molecule discovery offering and represents a data-driven approach to novel therapeutic development.”

Dr. Gayathri Ramaswamy, Global Head of Discovery Services, Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services Ltd., said, “The addition of AI and iterative machine learning capabilities to our core expertise in synthesizing and testing molecules will significantly reduce the DMTA cycle time in the discovery process. Aurigene.AI augments our core scientific capabilities in the small molecule discovery space and will serve as an efficient engine towards identifying a drug candidate.”

About Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services Ltd.:

Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services is a global contract research, development, and manufacturing organization (CRDMO). Built on the legacy of accelerating innovation and backed by a vast track record in drug discovery, development, and manufacturing of small and large molecules, our mission is to work for the success of our clients relentlessly and to build long-term relationships through a holistic approach to accelerate the journey of a molecule from the laboratory to market. We offer integrated and standalone services for discovery chemistry, biotherapeutics discovery, discovery biology, development, and manufacturing services for clinical phase I-III programs, regulatory submission batches, and commercial manufacturing. What sets Aurigene apart is the integrated API and formulations service that spans from key starting material, advanced intermediates, and APIs to finished products such as oral solids, sterile products, nasal solutions, etc. GMP commercial manufacturing facilities in the UK, Mexico, US, and India complement our development and pharmaceutical API manufacturing services in India.

For more information log on to: https://www.aurigeneservices.com/ or email us at: [email protected]

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