Australian Country Party Announces Its National Expansion as the First, Truly Democratic, Grass Roots Political Party in Australia

Sydney, Australia, January 16, 2019 --( New Federal Chairman of the Australian Country Party, Glenn O’Rourke, today announced the official commencement of the National Expansion of the Australian Country Party.

“The Australian Country Party is a grass roots up party that listens to people and allows members and supporters direct input into the election of candidates and leadership and will represent all Australian’s equally and fairly,” Glenn said.

The Party is neither left nor right, nor do they segregate Australians into different groups, we all have equal value and we all have valuable voices. Their candidates and MP’s will be focused on engaging with, listening to and representing their individual electorates and contribute to broad policies, through local consultation, that firstly relate to their electorates and then the greater region, State or Territory and Country.

Their candidates and MP’s will operate together as a cohesive collective in their electorates or councils like people have come to expect independents to.

Glenn went on to outline, “We are committed to providing a structure, economies of scale and the benefits of a registered party, along the lines of an alliance of Independent candidates and MP’s. Our catch phrase and philosophy will be ‘People before Party, Policies before Politics.’”

Other Major Political Parties No Longer Represent the People

“The factional and power base control of the current major and most minor parties in Australia and the recent need for minor party leaders to place their names or images on their parties, has only entrenched a career politician environment, party first and electoral cycle approach to the political system in Australia.

"This long-term situation has created a severe disconnect of Australia’s voters and has seen a significant disengagement from politics in the country and a belief that people have no vehicle to discuss, nor impact the effect of legislation on their world. People feel that there is nothing they can do to change things, to make Australia the lucky country it once was again,” Glenn said.

Glenn stated, “People are sick of the opposition of policies, just because the other political party came up with them. Policies that support international interests before Australia’s and Australian People’s interests are also unacceptable. People want a political party to hear their cries and propose and amend legislation in the interests of Australia and its people first.”

Australian Country Party to Break the Back of the Flawed Two-Party System and Provide A True Third Party Alternative for Australia

The Australian Country Party stands with Australians giving a new, broadly inclusive option to vote for. A grass roots founded and solid alternative party to the Major Parties and the plethora of single interest or ego driven minor parties.

Australian Country Party will be registering in every State and Territory and working towards achieving a national membership of at least 100,000 members in the next few years.

In contrast to most other political parties, Australian Country Party members and the broader community will play an active role in broad policy development, party direction, candidate endorsement and political leadership selection. Additionally, Australian people will also be involved in candidate preselection, through USA style primaries in their local electorates.

Sitting MP’s Will Join the Australian Country Party

“As the expansion momentum of the Australian Country Party picks up, we expect a growing number of sitting MP’s, Federal, State and Local to join the Party, as they have realised that they are not able to represent their electorates as they planned to do when they entered politics. The needs of their electorate are silenced and they have to toe party lines or lose preselection, even if it goes against their own and their electorates needs and wants,” Glenn explained and then went on to say, “Additionally, the Independents sitting in Parliaments and local councils around the country, will realise they do not have to reinvent themselves within their community as a candidate but gain all the added advantages of a national political party that supports and encourages them to represent their electorate’s people first, without a party dictated voting direction.”

Call for Quality Candidates of Australia to Nominate for Australian Country Party

Quality Candidates are now being sought Australia-wide as candidates for Federal, State and Territory and Local Councils, that are committed to the need to build the support of their electorate. Candidates that understand that it is a passionate long-term commitment, to listen to and represent their people.

You can nominate online at

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For Media Contact: Glenn O’Rourke 0405 111 228 / [email protected]

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