Author Introduces The Death’s Drummer

Author Introduces The Death's Drummer

Author Introduces The Death's Drummer

Online PR News – 11-October-2017 – Past experiences can--and do--have many effects on a person's present life. While some believe that unpleasantries of the past hinder us, others use their previous bad experiences to deal with the present. David Leonard shares how a boy's wartime "drumming" becomes identified with the violence of battlefield death, and with death after the war. Although a work of fiction, the book mirrors many of the actual campaigns of the American Civil War and the soldiers' lives after the fighting ended. It would be decades before medicine began to understand the terrible effects of battle on the human system.

Death's Drummer introduces the character of a boy who grows to manhood in war. When the war came to its conclusion, his phobia about death only grows. He encounters a man who murders. And, having no family, he stumbles upon a small family in his travel westward. These he comes to regard as his own. But, he will lose them. He becomes an amateur geologist, too, and comes to work under the tutelage of a professional geologist. He travels and explores with the geologist to find gold and other valuable minerals; the knowledge he gains is held in high esteem by prospectors. But, he continues to encounter death. Sadly, it is but a beginning. Finally, he must suffer the awful loss of the woman he loves. He is horrified by the losses he experiences in his life.

The story by David Leonard--in its fictional depiction--offers a realistic view about how a person's past can deeply change his or her life. Death's Drummer is full of surprises, contradictions, emotions, relationships and events that can be understood, enjoyed and shared by readers. It is not limited to finding treasures beneath the earth. The story is inviting, sad, and fun, too; it goes deep into the human psyche and is a book that both the young and old will enjoy!

About the Author:
Mr. Leonard was raised on the Great Divide on a remote Colorado ranch in the 1940's and 50's. His father died leaving ten children. His mother--with the children's help--farmed the land, took care of the livestock and survived the terrible winters. Finally, she sold the ranch and took the children to Oregon where most graduated from college.

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ISBN-13: 978-1946854681
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