Author publishes a book about a family that self destructs

Author publishes a book about a family that self destructs

Based on generations of abuse in a family, Dark of the Heart shows the legacy left to the younger generation by one preceding it.

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Online PR News – 13-June-2016 – Have you ever known anyone who suffered violence or other forms of abuse in their childhood? Or perhaps, you did. Coming to grips with the effects of this form of violent treatment as an adult can have devastating effects on any person. This is true no matter the social status of the family. Abuse in any form scars the child and it can darken their adulthood.

Ask the career criminal whose life began as a child either beaten or neglected by parents who were absorbed in their own lives and children were merely the result of some relationship, children they did not want nor take any interest in. Often these children are beaten or forced onto the streets at an early age with devastating after effects.

Dark of the Heart shows the results of a preference for alcohol and self-indulgences. While the adult imprisons themselves in this lifestyle, they also make prisoners or outcasts of their children, those most vulnerable to its effects. A parents choice of lifestyle affects their offspring and the results may return with tragic consequences.

Anne K. Edwards grew up in a small town where many families of her acquaintance experienced the destructiveness caused by alcoholism and self-indulgence by adults with children, but these adults could never be called parents. The results that reach from the past into the future are what prompted the writing of this book.

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All parts of this story and all characters are fictional and none of it is placed in a real town.


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