Avnet India Receives Accolades for Best Workplace Practices

 - 29 JULY, 2019 - Avnet India recently received several accolades for its workplace
practices across India. The recognition was accorded to Avnet by different
institutions that assessed Avnet's workplace culture, as well as its practices
towards enriching the overall well-being of its employees. 

Avnet India was certified as the 'Best Workplace in Electronics, India', by the
Great Place to Work Institute. This recognition was presented after Avnet India
received the Great Place to Work award for two consecutive years, having topped assessment charts that
evaluated more than 300 certified organizations in India. This certification
assessed Avnet's employee life-cycle and people practices before recognizing
Avnet as a preferred workplace, specifically in India's highly-competitive
electronics industry.

"This is an important recognition for Avnet,"
said Ramani Sundaresan, Managing Director, Avnet India. "As a leading global
technology solutions provider, Avnet is more than just the best in our industry
and a leader with strong business practices. This award confirms our belief that we are performing
well in employee engagement and it further strengthens our commitment to have a
great culture and workplace." 

Avnet also received two accolades from the HR Excellence Awards in 2019.
Organized by
People First, Avnet won Leading Practices in Health & Well-being,
and Leading Practices in Employee Engagement. The two awards are a result of
Avnet's clear focus on the health and well-being of its employees through
customized programs that cover its cohorts across all generations, along with
specialized programs that address the workplace and personal needs of
millennial employees.

"As a 98-year old organization, Avnet continues
to ensure that our people programs are relevant and engaging. These industry
recognitions are testament to our best people practices and we would like to dedicate
these awards to all of our colleagues," said Willis Langford, HR Director,
Avnet India. 

Avnet was listed in Forbes India as
India's Top 50 Companies with Great People Managers. Debasis Panda, Associate
Marketing Director, Avnet India also sits among the top 100 of India's Great
People Managers. To ascertain the country's top managers, the Great Manager
Institute commissioned two studies across 5,233 registered managers in 408
organizations. Panda, based in Avnet's Bengaluru, Karnataka office, believes
that a great manager leads by example while offering a culture and workplace
environment where employees are able to maximize their potential. Visit
Avnet's Core Values to learn more.

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