Avnet Launches New IoT Partner Program at CES 2020 to Accelerate IoT Adoption and Speed Time to Value

New Partner Program gives developers a place to build and scale IoT solutions


LAS VEGAS, UNITED STATES - Media OutReach - January 8, 2020 - At CES
2020, leading global technology solutions provider Avnet (Nasdaq: AVT) is
launching a new Partner Program designed to provide developers with a place to
build complete IoT solutions, enabling them to scale their business in a quick
and cost-effective manner. Using Avnet's IoTConnect platform, powered by
Microsoft's Azure IoT Suite, developers can seamlessly connect devices that address
both the software and hardware needs of IoT solutions.


This spring, Avnet's offering will
expand to include a comprehensive Marketplace, which will allow any developer
to write IoT applications to our platform and offer them for sale to a much
broader audience. The combination of Avnet's IoTConnect platform, Partner
Program and Marketplace will simplify the complexities of IoT and enable
businesses to more rapidly deploy secure and complete solutions.


"IoT is complex, with unique
hardware, software and security requirements at every stage of the development
cycle," said Pete Bartolotta, president of business transformation for Avnet.
"With our Partner Program and the upcoming Marketplace, we are putting proven
IoT solutions in the hands of partners and systems integrators so they can
scale their own businesses and accelerate the adoption of IoT."


New solutions seamlessly connect
devices through IoTConnect platform

Avnet's newly expanded suite of IoT
solutions is powered by Avnet's IoTConnect platform, which allows critical IoT
devices, assets and systems to be connected securely--without compromising speed
and simplicity--by leveraging pre-built and proven Smart Applications that are
equipped with a suite of AI services for specific industry verticals.


Partner Program speeds solution

Avnet's new Partner Program enables
system integrators (SIs) and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to build
new solutions and service models for their practice on Avnet's IoTConnect
platform. It also allows them to enhance these solutions using Avnet's Smart
Applications and access devices certified for use on the IoTConnect platform.
Partners can leverage proven applications in combination with Avnet's extensive
ecosystem of experts to accelerate and scale their IoT solution development.
Partners using the platform can rely on Avnet's automated management of
recurring solution billing and take advantage of easier proof-of-concept
deployment via the platform's "Play Zone" feature, which enables members to
test new technology solutions in a safe environment.


Avnet's Marketplace will deliver
secure and complete solutions

The new solutions developed in the
Partner Program will then be made available on Avnet's Marketplace when it
launches this spring. The Marketplace will offer a curated catalog of trusted
IoTConnect platform certified devices and applications, across a range of
verticals, for faster IoT development. Through the Marketplace, more developers
can create new applications on Avnet's IoTConnect platform and SIs can offer
end-to-end solutions and expand their reach.


See Avnet's experts, customers and
partners at CES 2020

At CES 2020, Avnet is demonstrating
how its customers and partners are taking advantage of the new Partner Program.
One such example is Capstone, an Avnet customer that was able to quickly build,
deploy and manage their IntelliH2O® smart meter -- a Water-as-a-Service™ (WaaS)
solution that monitors utility meters -- across their network of customersAvnet's
Partner Program enabled Capstone to get to market early and multiply their
recurring revenue streams.


"While other companies only enable
themselves, Avnet's solutions truly enable its customers," said Jim Williamson,
Capstone's chief technology officer. "Other companies couldn't help us with
anything but the IoT platform, but Avnet helped us with everything from time to
market to compliance issues. They already had the right answers for all the
areas that we don't specialize in, which helped us stay ahead of our
competition and greatly expand our capabilities."


In addition, Avnet is demonstrating
its Partner Program, Smart Applications and IoTConnect platform this week
during CES 2020. Visitors will see the following Avnet IoT solutions in motion:

  • Smart Industrial Motor
  • Smart Fleet Management
  • Smart Water - Partner Program
  • Smart Cities and AI
  • Smart Coffee Brewer
  • Smart Crane

To learn more about the solutions
and see these demos, visit Avnet's space at the Venetian -- Sands Expo, Tech
West, Level 2, Ballroom G, January 7--10, 2020. You can also see an Avnet
customer demo at the Owlet booth (Venetian Sands Halls A-D, booth 44361).


Avnet's IoT expertise will also be
on display at CES in collaboration with its partners:

  • A smart coffee brewer leveraging the Microsoft Azure Sphere
    product will be on display in Microsoft's Experience Center (Venetian Sands
    Expo, first floor).
  • An anomaly detection demonstration leveraging the NXP IMXRT
    Crossover MCU and Avnet's IoTConnect Platform will be on display in NXP's booth
    (#CP-18, Central Plaza).

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