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Awards Identify Groundbreaking Advancements and Engineering Firsts at the 13th Global Infrastructure Leadership Forum

Finalists and nominees reimagine regional landscapes and economic vitality with an emphasis on pioneering rail transportation

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--CG/LA, the global leader in infrastructure strategy and project development announced the winners of the 2020 Infrastructure Project of the Year Awards at the 13th Global Infrastructure Leadership Virtual Forum.

The Project of the Year Awards are one of the highlights of every Leadership Forum event. Announced on September 17th, the awards recognize the projects - and the leaders behind the projects - identified as global models. The projects are highlighted for their outstanding commitment across five categories: Job Creation, Sustainability/Green Infrastructure, Finance/Funding, Engineering, and Strategic. This year�s winners are:

  • Job Creation: Metropolitan Integrated Transit System, Florian�polis Brazil

    • Integration of the Public Transport System in the Metropolitan Region of Florian�polis is a critical project that will contribute to the movement of people, following the guidelines of PLAMUS - Plan for Sustainable Urban Mobility of Greater Florian�polis.
  • Sustainability/Green Infrastructure: HydroPort Wales

    • HydroPort is proposing to build the World�s first tidal powered 1.5M Teu container terminal in south Wales, UK. The Terminal will be run on power developed in the foundations from reversible turbines working almost 24/7 as tides run through them on the rising and departing tides every day.
  • Finance/Funding: Solidarity Transport Hub Poland

    • Solidarity Transport Hub Poland is a private, $10B planned transfer hub between Warsaw and ?�d?, which will integrate air, rail and road transport. The airport will handle 45 million passengers a year. STH will include railway investments: railway nod in the airport�s close vicinity as well as connections within Poland enabling transfer between Warsaw and the largest Polish cities in less than 2.5 hours.
  • Engineering: Alc�ntara Port Terminal, Brazil

    • The Alc�ntara Port Terminal (TPA) is a multimodal logistics solution comprising a deep water port with a railroad, the Maranh�o Railway (E.F. Maranh�o). There are three market segments: agribusiness, iron ore, and a space center that result from the development of this terminal.
  • Strategic: The CLARA Plan, Australia

    • The CLARA Plan is a multi-billion dollar project linking Sidney to Melbourne. This integrative project is looking to build advanced smart-cities between the two metropolitan areas, connecting them by High-Speed Rail (HSR). The HSR is worth US$11.9 billion with an additional $3.49 billion per city in upfront infrastructure, including hospitals, transit systems, schools, water, energy, etc.


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Brent Harrison

CG/LA Infrastructure

Deputy Director of Projects

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