Be Software Released IINSIGHT 6.2.10 Includes Live Timer feature

Be Software Released IINSIGHT 6.2.10. This update introduces the new Live Timer feature.

Chatswood, Australia, April 11, 2019 --( Be Software is pleased to present IINSIGHT 6.2.10. They have added the new Live Timer feature. This will allow a user to enter the time spent on a billing using the current available methods as well as allowing them to “live time” their duration on a task and automatically populate this time (once stopped), into the current available duration field(s).

This Live Timer feature also includes the following capabilities:
• The ability for a user to "start" and "stop" a “live timer” in any of the current billing windows and for it to auto populate the time recorded (when stopped), into the current duration fields.
• The capability for a user to "start" and "stop" the timer multiple times in the same billing window, and for the total to round (if utilising unit billing), only once upon completion.
• The facility for a user to have multiple billing windows and live timers open/running simultaneously (restricted by permissions).
• The system will log the difference between a cost where the duration was populated by the “live timer” and one where this was populated manually, and allow system administrators to report on these.
• A cost entry will have the ability to be able to be logged as “On Hold” to be completed at a later date. These “On Hold” entries will be able to be excluded from any invoice runs until they are “completed.”

For more information, see IINSIGHT 6.2.10 Release Notes.

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