Be Wrapped in Luxury with Wink & Nod’s Nature-Fresh Bamboo Towels

Wink & Nod, an innovative sleep-focused online start-up that crafts cutting-edge sleep products, has launched its ultra-soft natural bamboo fiber towels for the modern Indian consumer. Learn how this cozy addition can make your showers magical.

Pune, India, February 06, 2020 --( Wink & Nod, an innovative sleep-focused company that crafts premium sleep products, has launched premium-soft bamboo towels built with cutting-edge fabric technology to make boring showers blissful.

For the average Indian consumer, the after-shower experience ruins all the fun. Towels made of cheap fabric don’t absorb moisture quick enough from the body and more annoyingly stays wet for a long time as it lacked the quick-dry feature. Even after spending thousands of rupees on high quality towels, the experience seemed not to improve with new skin disorders arising every day from harmful chemicals used in dyeing and manufacture of towels. Rashes, allergies and itchiness continued throughout the day due to prolonged retention of moisture in the towel and often lead to bacterial and fungal growth.

Though most of these skin disorders can be treated by dermatologists, using high-quality towels made from 100% natural material is vital. Material is one aspect, what’s more important is the weave style and thread count. Towels made from multi-ply yarns are a group of weaker fibers simply twisted together to create a false strength.

To solve these hassles, Wink & Nod has launched nature-fresh bamboo towels crafted from 100% pure long staple natural bamboo that turns your bathroom into a spa. This completely natural and eco-friendly fabric refreshes your mornings. Bamboo towels absorb and evaporate moisture quicker for faster reuse than any other material. This quick dry feature comes in very handy to keep safe from bacteria, allergies and skin infections. Bamboo also acts as a natural UV screen and protects your skin against harmful radiations.

Say goodbye to ripped and frayed towels. These towels are percale weaved on a single ply yarn. Percale is a traditional one-yarn-over and one-yarn-under weave that results in a magically soft fabric giving the ultimate rich and cozy feel. Long staple bamboo is known for being one of the finest and strongest bamboo variety. For those who do not feel refreshed enough the whole day, Wink & Nod has ensured to use optimal thread count in order to deliver the best sensation on your skin. The towels are also cool and breathable for all-weather Zen comfort. The brand has incorporated the latest tech in shower ware with towels that make you soak up and enjoy the ultimate rich & cozy feel.

When looking to buy bath towels, it’s usually difficult to find a logical correlation between product quality and cost. The traditional market, in addition to a broken distribution model, also had a lack of clarity on product specifications for consumers. The pricing was outrageous for something that was not even good. Overall, there was a lack of innovative and affordable products. Today the situation has evolved for the better with online brands like Wink & Nod revamping the way people shower.

Wink & Nod delivers its products to consumers direct from factory, thereby eliminating middlemen & mark-ups at every stage of the distribution cycle. Hence the prices of online brands are 25 - 50% lesser compared to showrooms.

Wink & Nod distinguishes itself through extreme focus on product innovation, international certifications and patented technologies. Through these certifications, Wink & Nod ensures that the products are not harmful to health in the long run. This also gives them an edge in quality and assurance, and Wink & Nod remains one of the few online start-ups with quality certifications from renowned international bodies.

Wink & Nod’s product return rate is about 4 percent, which is below the industry “standard” of 15 percent, says founder & CEO Sandeep Prasad. That’s proof enough for highest product quality in the industry.

“We are delighted to offer our exclusive high quality products for Indian consumers. Today’s frenzied lifestyle needs a tranquil shower experience and our nature fresh Bamboo towels are thoughtfully crafted as well as certified to provide the same.” - Sandeep Prasad- Founder & CEO, Wink & Nod

You can order this innovative Natural Bamboo Fiber Towels on Wink & Nod’s website. The towels come in two variants- bath and hand towels. You can also use the hand towels for sports mode. The brand offers some cool combination bundles. If you are newly married or live with your girlfriend, you can avail the “Move-in” bundle comprising 1 bath+ 2 hand towels at Rs. 1,440 or simply pick the “Regular” bundle comprising 2 Bath Towels at Rs. 1,800 or save up through the “Family” bundle comprising of 2 bath + 4 hand towels at Rs. 2,700. You can also select from cool and light color options that appeal to your taste, for a soothing effect.

Wink & Nod also offers a classy range of memory foam mattresses, memory foam pillows and other snooze ware like Egyptian cotton bed sheets in addition to accessories such as mattress protector and travel pillow.

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