Best 5 Thrilling and Adventure Activities in Dubai

Dubai is located within Dubai is located on the Persian Gulf coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Although it may not be the lushest of landscapes, the breathtaking desert landscape is a sight to behold and discover. The huge Arabian desert surrounding Dubai and its Persian Gulf and the neighboring Hajar Mountains provide the residents of Dubai with numerous opportunities to find and learn their wild side. It could be desert safaris or dunes bashing and deep-sea fishing or mountain bikes; the appeal of many Dubai activities for adventure has increased exponentially.

If you're living in Dubai or are planning to visit the Emirate for a few days and are looking to do something different from the glitter-filled extravagantes that Dubai is now known for, the following adventurous activities are sure to satisfy your appetite. Explore some of the top-awaited and exciting experiences Dubai and the surrounding regions can provide.

1- Al Qudra Cycling Trail

Al Qudra Cycling track is an oasis for cyclists. With a limited number of chances to cycle in Dubai, Al Qudra provides the residents of Dubai the perfect 80 km long stretch of roads for cycling. The route runs along Al Qudra Road for 20 km. Al Qudra Road for 20 kilometers, and the remaining streets will lead you through stunning desert landscapes. It is covered in sand mountains on both sides. You may encounter horses or wild oryx on the trail. Overall, the Al Audra cycling trail is an absolute must for anyone who wants to get some workout or perhaps have a fun escape to the deserts.

2- Fat Tyre Biking

Get yourself a fat bike to explore the desert-like you've never done before! Fat Tyre bikes, as their name implies, are bikes that are designed to tackle the difficult terrain of the desert. The tires with fat profiles of the bike stop the bicycle from sinking into soft sands. Fat tires enable you to discover the vast, soothing blanket of dunes surrounding Dubai and travel across them effortlessly.

3- Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air Ballooning in Dubai has seen its presence increase steadily over the last few years. Nowadays, a favorite leisure activity among those visiting Hot Balloon Dubai rides has gradually gained popularity, moving from a leisure activity only for those who want to indulge into something that everyone can take part in Dubai, it is possible to participate in hot balloon flights that are generally held in deserts. The relatively flat land smooth surfaces, undulating terrains, and gentle breezes create the ideal hot air ballooning conditions. Far from the city, The vast desert area is a striking and stunning landscape. The 4,000-foot elevation above the desert surface offers a spectacular vantage point from which to see the desert on the one hand and an expansive view of the Persian Gulf on the other, and a modern Dubai within.

4- Flyboarding

Flyboarding is among the most recent extreme sports to be discovered in Dubai. Flyboarding is a sport that consists of a board that is connected to a hose connected to a jetski's motor. The jet ski engine draws water from the hose with a tremendous force, allowing you to fly in heights as high as 10 meters. While in the air, the board can be moved by hand or by placing your weight in the right way. The design allows you to fly Iron man Style!

5- Dubai Autodrome

A supercar driven by a driver is an ideal dream for many. In the Dubai Autodrome, you can enjoy a race track in a vehicle that you like. Some cars that can be driven at the Autodrome include Audi TT, the Audi TT, Audi R8, Lotus Evora, the McLaren MP4-12C, and even an exclusive track Formula DXB. A visit to Dubai Autodrome will include an experienced session with an expert on the vehicle before you can drive it on your own. Dubai Autodrome also has a separate section with an outdoor and indoor track devoted to karts and will provide a thrilling racing experience.

6- Hatta Mountain Safari

Hatta is an in-between exclave belonging to the Emirate of Dubai located within the Hajar Mountains. If you're looking to have an adventure-filled day and adventure, then safaris that bring you to Hatta are the best option. These mountain safaris will transport visitors to wild wadis in the Hajar Mountains behind the rough canyon slopes. The tour will take you through the canyons using some of the most beautiful off-roading routes in UAE and will be taken to beautiful lagoons hidden in the rocky valleys. These tours also provide you an understanding of the culture of the region and will take you on a trip to Hatta Heritage Village and the old Hatta Fort.

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