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BitGlobalNews, the Overseas marketing service platform, announced the launch of KOL marketing services

FOSHAN, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Recently, BitGlobalNews, a brand overseas service provider, announced the launch of KOL marketing services in its various communities. The service platforms include social media platforms such as Instagram and Tiktok to help companies directly match KOLs and allow companies to directly communicate with KOLs.

To better serve corporate users, BitGlobalNews is also expanding its business recently, seeking to cooperate with more powerful service providers that help brands go overseas, and to provide more high-quality services to the cooperative enterprises.

In order to better disclose the news of the partners, BitGlobalNews also officially updated the official website to disclose the news of the cooperative enterprises according to different categories.

BitGlobalNews, a company that provides brand marketing solutions for Chinese companies, has established 100+ vertical communities since its establishment, including cross-border e-commerce communities, independent website communities, cryptocurrency communities, and KOL communities and etc., Party A's demand community, etc., to match the demand side with the required brand resources to go overseas.

Based on overseas market data analysis, combined with overseas social media influencer marketing, Community operation, BitGlobalNews platform provides meaningful links and value for the brand and the influencers. Amidst full stimulation of creativity from influencers, BitGlobalNews provides new ideas for the brand products to go global, playing a greater value between consumers and businesses and creating more accurate and deeper links. Furthermore, influencers empower fans absorption through actual products, visualize their influence on products, so as to truly convey consumers’ voices to brands as well as brand values to consumers.

In order to better serve the needs of enterprises going overseas, based in Asia, BitGlobalNews has launched a global channel development plan. By establishing localized communities, developing local resources, combining local user habits, BitGlobalNews can better match the needs of enterprises through real data feedback.



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