BitVPN Adds a New Server in Italy to Cope with the Increasing Demand of Internet Traffic in Europe

An increasing demand of internet traffic has been seen by the whole world for remote work, online communication or entertainment like online gaming, video streaming, etc., which is an especially overwhelming issue in Europe. BitVPN adds a new VPN server in Italy to help users to cope with bandwidth crisis during this special time.

Singapore, Singapore, April 17, 2020 --( Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in the beginning of February in 2020, a dramatically increasing number of people constantly opt for staying at home through either proactive selection or local enforcement. People spend all their time at home in videoconference with colleagues, video calls with family and friends, online gaming, streaming video watching, or home schooling. All the activities are implemented through the internet, adding extreme pressure on internet traffic.

Theoretically, home connections tend to have lower bandwidth than those in an office or school. Plus, the sudden burst of usage of the internet makes usually-not-so-fast activities become even slower. WiFi slows to a crawl; websites don’t load; video calls are automatically cut out. This issue is extremely protruding in Europe because Europe covers the largest population density. According to the statistics by World Population Review, among top 10 countries with the largest population density in 2020, there are 4 European countries, accounting for 40%.

Recently, BitVPN declared a new VPN server has been added in Italy. Up to now, the number of European countries where BitVPN servers cover has increased to 12, not limited by the European countries including United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Turkey, Norway, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Russia, Poland and Romania.

“Now, BitVPN users have one more selection to depend on as they try to get connected with the internet in a secure and private way,” said Tom, the chief product manager of BitVPN. “BitVPN users, European and African users specifically, can change VPN servers due to the convenience of geographic positions when the traffic on their local server is suffering from a traffic jam.”

Apart from the issue concerning internet traffic, extraordinary attention must be paid to cybersecurity and privacy protection. Malware or virus disguised to be COVID-19 related news may appear in email box and videoconference may get privacy exposed to the internet.

“BitVPN provides VPN service based on blockchain technology,” said Tom. “Blockchain-based VPN, also called decentralized VPN, will be the trend of future VPNs because of its high security level and capabilities when it is used to protect against data breaches or identity theft.”

The outbreak of coronavirus pandemic forces people to spend more time inside and internet traffic has been suffering from huge jam and BitVPN’s server adding will be beneficial to ease the stress of traffic congestion and online security and privacy protection.

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