Bityard Has Now Officially Launched, Register now and earn 258 USDT for Free

- Media OutReach - 7 April 2020 - Bityard, the world's leading
digital contract trading platform, has officially launched. According to
industry authoritative sources, Bityard has received a strategic investment
from a US hedge fund worth 10 million dollars, creating a precedent in the
industry for complex contracts and simple transactions. At Bityard, our
ambition is to foster research and development of relevant forward-looking
technology, overseas market expansion, and ecological construction of our brand


Bityard was founded in November 2019 and is headquartered in
Singapore. It is the world's leading digital currency contract trading
platform, regulated by the American Money Services Businesses, Singaporean
Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), and the MTR of Estonia
for the European Union. In Southeast Asia, Bityard will strive to keep up with
local digital asset market demand, especially with regards to government-driven
blockchain trends. Not only has Bityard attracted attention with secure,
simple, and fast digital contract transaction services, but we have also
acquired a Thai boxing champion as a brand ambassador of Bityard. He will
continue to set off waves of attention in his home country and beyond.


The more turbulent the years, the more volatile the
cryptocurrency market. While everyone was still discussing the third halving of
the market, the "black swan" event, coughed forth by the fears of the
Coronavirus, ruthlessly cut the price of all cryptocurrencies in half, followed
by a quick rebound from the lowest point by more than 60%. Contract purchases
inevitably will become this year's most competitive main battlefield on
exchanges. As a new entrant, the founder of Bityard knows clearly that in order
to gain a solid placement in the highly competitive contract market, innovation
must be achieved.

Community of Hidden Potential: Those Who are Eager For
"Simplified Transactions"

After much research, it has been found that in the
increasingly mature digital currency market, a consumer group with high
potential has solidified. They all agree on the concept of contract trading and
expect to use leverage to magnify the benefits, but for this group of
consumers, contract transactions are complicated. To avoid liquidation, they
hesitate to participate in any such transactions. In view of the large number
of potential users in the cryptocurrency community craving simple contract
transactions and other derivatives, Bityard came in to existence.


Product Concept: Complex Contracts Simple Transactions

Bityard always adheres to the product concept of "complex
contracts, simple transactions", and aims to bring customers the ultimate
simple operation experience. Reporters have learned through interviews with
product management that the team has done a lot of work to get users up and
running quickly.

Opening an account is simple: you only need to register with
an email or mobile phone number, and you can become a Bityard user within 30

Simplified topping-up: currently bityard supports the use of
6 mainstream digital currencies as a method of refilling a user's account. Additionally,
the Renminbi as well as the Vietnamese Dong are both supported, and there are
plans to add more FIAT on-ramps in the future. There is also a system in place
to allow transferring of funds between superiors and subordinates which is
facilitated by agents.

Simple Trading: simplify the complex trading interface
functions. Users can trade from as little as 5 USDT.

In order to provide a fulfilling customer experience,
Bityard's co-branded ambassador announced a fruitful launch of "daily mining"
activities. Starting from today, after each user registration, you can get free
Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Tron, and more mainstream digital currencies for a
value of up to 258 USDT. In addition, you can also get Bityard's first platform
currency BYD. After it has been listed its strengths will be well-established!


For more information consider registering an account at bityard today!
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