Blockchain is reconstructing a new ecosystem for the development of digital financial economy

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October 2018 - 
Risk control is the core of the financial industry
and the foundation of all financial businesses. With the rapid development of
the financial industry, the problem of management for asset cash flow needs to
be optimized, the transparency and efficiency of the underlying asset
supervision needs to be improved, the efficiency of asset transaction
settlement is low, and the high cost of the credit enhancement is also exposed


The core of
the financial system is to solve the credit which is solved and realized by the
shareholders' endorsement and business credit. Mars Digital Bank has already
reached strategic cooperation with several international consortia, traditional
financial giants, and digital currency capital. Its parent fund company,
 BihuEx Fund Mgmt, has
won the support and investment of several capital institutions.


Mars Digital
Asset Bank is one of the main formats of the BihuEx Fund Mgmt.
The core members are
from Investment banking, Blockchain, Fortune 500 and Internet founding
companies. The team has rich experience and global perspective in quantitative
trading strategies, asset management and internet finance. 


The former
registered stock is 500,000 users. We can guide at least 200,000 users to the
Mars digital asset bank. With the promotion of the platform and the operation
and promotion of other partner companies, it is expected that the number of
registered users of the platform will exceed 300,000 by the end of 2018, with
the business scale exceeding 150 million US dollars.


The annual net profit of Mars Digital Asset
Bank is about 7.92 million US dollars, and the current valuation is 181.73
million US dollars. To speed up its development and meet capital requirements
on technical security, global promotion, team building, license applying and
provisions for banking turnover, Mars Digital Asset Bank plans to raise USD 9.5
million by releasing 8% of its total shares in the first phase of offering.Please click the link here
? to learn more about us. Prior to decision making,
investors are kindly requested to carefully read the Prospectus.

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