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Buying a car v/s UBER

car-vs-uberLet's look at buying a car or travelling in Uber is economical for us?

Any car in india cost atleast Rs 6,00,000
Scrap value after six year - Rs 1,00,000
Net amount goes in effective
Life of six year Rs 5,00,000
Nos of days of six yr is 2200 days

So Rs. 5,00,000/2200 = Rs. 230 /day
Yearly insu Rs 15000 = Rs 41/day
Daily petrol minimum = Rs 100/Day
After every 3 yr tyre &
Battery change charge
Rs 25,000 i.e. = Rs. 23/day
Yearly maintanance of
Car Rs 9000 i.e = Rs 25/day
If driver employed ( bcas)
Uber comes with a driver =Rs 300/day
Plus interest loss on
Car buying amount
@8% on Rs 6,00,000 = Rs 131/day
So total daily exp is
After buying new car = Rs 850/day
So friends untill you pay Rs 850 daily to hire a cab you are effectively in gain travelling in uber. If u agree share for the benefits of all.This is called financial planning...

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